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AGSA ASIA Limited is a Manufacturing, Design company founded in 1964, owned by Raphael Genoud whith headquarters in Hong Kong, China.

It claims to have a Swiss Quality and Service Tradition with Vertically Integrated China Manufacturing and be ISO 9001 compliant.

The company designs and producers of retail furniture (counters, showcases, sales tables, etc.) and point of sales materials such as displays, trays, mirrors and accessories.

The AGSA Asia Group has a Hong Kong based Management and Chinese production. It is Located in Dong Guan 2 hours from central Hong Kong. It has 400'000 sq.f. in two manufacturing locations and 750 employees.



1964: Paul Genoud starts a company offering window showcase decoration concept and production mainly to airline and banking companies. He weekly visits different French speaking areas of Switzerland in his second hand car changing decorations for his customers.

1968: Paul Genoud sets up a small workshop in Geneva countryside in Puplinge. 40 years later the same farm houses AGSA Asia Swiss offices.


1972: Paul Genoud starts collaboration with a watchmaker that would later become a well known luxury brand. This close relationship with luxury market continues to this day in AGSA Asia Group even though 98 % of the current very dedicated team was not born in 1972. :)


1989: Raphaël Genoud start his own company specializing in promotional items, sourced by personal visits from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China.


1993: Raphaël Genoud joins the family business and starts collaboration with dedicated China based manufacturing facility.

1998: Raphaël Genoud takes over the family business under a new corporate entity with 40 Swiss based staff. This year sees explosive business growth with 12 new exhibition booths designed and produced for the Basel Watch Fair.


2003: AGSA Asia Hong Kong office is set up. It is the first Swiss managed organization specializing in watch point-of-sale material to be set up Hong Kong. This office would move 4 times in the following 3 years within the same building as its staff size increased from initial 2 to 26 in the same period.

2005: AGSA Asia Group acquires full control of Chinese manufacturing facilities and staff strength increases to 550 worldwide. Group makes a strategic decision to work closely with professional companies, diversifying from primarily direct customers, AGSA Asia signs cooperation agreements with two groups, one each in France and USA, both with significant presence in their markets.

2006: China staff strength increases to 700 workers. Group inaugurates a dedicated furniture manufacturing and assembly facility.

2007: Group staff number temporarily increases to 1,000 to manage large order volume. However, a conscious investment in machinery with aim for higher efficiency and higher quality issues, reduced staff strength by the end of 2007. SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance) awards ISO 9001 certification to Group manufacturing facilities in recognition of efficiency of Group's China operations. Furniture manufacturing and assembly unit set up in 2006 moves to dedicated 200,000 square feet facility, 15 minutes from Group's main facilities. AGSA Asia is selected as one of the 40 most successful small and medium sized companies in Hong Kong by Hong Kong Trade Development Council. This achievement due to the efforts of Group's dedicated staff is considerable since there are more than 56,000 Hong Kong owned factories in China.

2008: China implements new labor law increasing operating costs by average 20%. This is accompanied by sharp rise in Renminbi (18% since July 2005) leading to closure of few furniture factories. AGSA Asia Group, although effected like other similar companies, is relatively insulated due to the on-going cost control and efficiency programmes. Group participates in Euroshop Fair, Düsseldorf, attracting considerable enquiries from potential European and American partners who are facing supplier problems in China. NQA awards ISO 14001 certification to Group manufacturing facilities in recognition of efficiency of Group's China operations.






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