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// ado.cin is the C++ routine that writes the header of the EPS file. This routine is used to make direct graphics from C++ to *.eps

// The routine has 3 parameters: O,X and Y.

//The first parameter defines the output file; it is supposed to be open for writing at the moment of call of the routine.

// Parameters X and Y specify the width and the height of the picture in the physical units, used to plot graphics. The dimension-less units are recommended. Various plots in CZ are generated with codes that use this routine. The routine is short, it is reproduced below:

void ado(FILE *O, int X, int Y)
{       fprintf(O,"%c!PS-Adobe-2.0 EPSF-2.0\n",'%');
      fprintf(O,"%c%cBoundingBox: 0 0 %d %d\n",'%','%',X,Y);
      fprintf(O,"/M {moveto} bind def\n");
      fprintf(O,"/L {lineto} bind def\n");
      fprintf(O,"/S {stroke} bind def\n");
      fprintf(O,"/s {show newpath} bind def\n");
      fprintf(O,"/C {closepath} bind def\n");
      fprintf(O,"/F {fill} bind def\n");
      fprintf(O,"/o {.1 0 360 arc C S} bind def\n");
      fprintf(O,"/times-Roman findfont 20 scalefont setfont\n");
      fprintf(O,"/W {setlinewidth} bind def\n");
      fprintf(O,"/RGB {setrgbcolor} bind def\n");}

// click at TaniaPlot.png or LambertWmapT.png for the examples of the use.