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  • HAHO [r]: Parachuting from High Altitude, opening a parasail or controllable parachute at High Altitude and steering to the drop zone [e]
  • HALO [r]: Jumping from an aircraft at High Altitude, using body maneuvers (i.e., "skydiving") to control one's descent, and Low [altitude] opening of the parachute [e]
  • Helicopter [r]: Aircraft with one or more power-driven horizontal rotors, each rotor consisting of two or more rotor blades, that enable it to take off and land vertically, move in any direction, or remain stationary in the air. [e]
  • Parachute [r]: A canopy attached by a harness to a body or other object for the purpose of safe egress from an aircraft at high altitudes. Used for emergency escape from aircraft in distress, military landings, and the sport of skydiving. [e]
  • Battle of Normandy [r]: Often oversimplified as "D-Day", the three-month campaign starting with the June 6, 1944 landings on the beaches of occupied France, lasted for three months, until the liberation of the last Norman commune on 25 August 1944 [e]
  • Battle of Sicily [r]: In the Mediterranean Theater and Italian Campaign of the Second World War, an Allied invasion of Sicily night of 9 July, 1943, ending 17 August in an Allied victory with the Axis troops either surrendering or withdrawing to the mainland [e]