Al-wala’ wa’l-bara’

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Al-wala' wa'l-bara, also Al-wala’ wa’l-bara, is a Muslim, primarily Salafist doctrine that minimally calls for exclusive allegiance to Allah and Islam, and repudiation of unbelief and unbelievers." A more stringent formulation from Abu Basir al-Tartusi includes "support of freedom of belief and apostasy; freedom to form infidel and apostate political parties, including atheist Communist parties; and sanctification of majority rule, even if this majority were to choose unbelief and atheism."[1]

It has been called "love and hate for Allah". A thesis and book by Sheikh Muhammad Saeed al-Qahtani [2] explains that "al-Wala" refers to a believer's love for Allah, his prophets and believers, while "al-Bara" means hate for "enmity and hatred for falseness and its adherents". Until both are in the hearts of believers, tahwid, the true word of God, cannot flourish on earth.


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