American Islamic Forum for Democracy

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Founded in 2003, the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD) began in Phoenix Valley of Arizona. Its founder and current president is M. Zuhdi Jasser. "AIFD seeks to make a small contribution to the body of thought which articulates an understanding of Islam which separates religion and state and is in complete harmony with the U.S. Constitution and our citizenship pledge.

"Through these founding principles of constitutional, secular (religious freedom free of theocracy and government coercion, and Islamic hegemony), AIFD would also serve as an example of an American Islamic institution which can be a leading voice for liberty-minded Muslims in America in the war on terror. Through regular commentary AIFD will intellectually stand against the religious fanatics who exploit the religion of Islam for a nihilistic, anti-American anti-Western war." [1] Richard Silverstein suggests it is a one-man organization. [2]

It has been associated with a number of American moderate and conservative groups. Dr. Jasser writes for Family Security Matters. AIFD participated in the Congressional "Moderate Muslim Summit" organized by Rep. Sue Myrick (R-North Carolina).

The group denounced Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minnesota) for working in fundraising for the Council on American Islamic Relations.[3] Ellison responded by claiming Jasser ofgave people a "license for bigotry...I think people who want to engage in nothing less than Muslim-hating really love you a lot, because you give them freedom to do that."[4]


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