American Muslim Task Force on Civil Rights and Elections

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The American Muslim Task Force on Civil Rights and Elections is an "umbrella" organization with goals of:[1]

  1. Become full partners in the development and prosperity of our homeland in the United States.
  2. Defend civil and human rights of all.
  3. Mainstream the American Muslim community, and build alliances with like-minded fellow Americans on a wide variety of social, political, economic and moral issues.

It has full and observer participants:

Law enforcement relationship

In March 2009, the group started a petition to dissolve relationships between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other law enforcement organizations, concerned with "Despite fear-mongering by a vocal minority, Muslim Americans are natural allies of law enforcement agencies in ensuring the wellbeing of our nation. Muslims are law-abiding and productive citizens who uphold the democratic principles of freedom, equality and justice.

"Yet recent incidents targeting American Muslims lead us to consider suspending ongoing outreach efforts with the FBI.

"In California, the FBI sent a convicted criminal to pose as an agents provocateurs in several of that state's mosques. An FBI agent allegedly told one of the mosque attendees that the agency would make his life a "living hell" if he did not become an informant." [2] Family Security Matters questioned the validity of this protest, saying "One of the common tactics of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood is to construct coalitions of its own front organizations as well as inter-related groups and individuals, giving the appearance that the Brotherhood has more broad-based support than it actually enjoys." It reported additional signatories (not listed on the group's website) to the coalition with this call:[3]

After an October raid in Detroit, in which suspects were detained on both terrorist and non-terrorist charges, the group said "It is imperative that an independent investigation of Imam Luqman Amin Abdullah's death make public the exact circumstances in which he died. And unless the FBI has evidence linking the criminal allegations to the religious affiliation of the suspects, we ask that federal authorities stop injecting religion into this case. The unjustified linkage of this case to the faith Islam will only serve to promote an increase in existing anti-Muslim stereotyping and bias in our society." It urged the Congressional Tri-Caucus (i.e., Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, Congressional Black Caucus, Congressional Hispanic Caucus) to join in requesting an independent investigation.[4]