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Andrea Shea King is an American conservative talk-radio host, blogger, and columnist for WorldNetDaily. In the past, she was a National Aeronautics and Space Administration public information officer, and worked on the report on the Challenger disaster. She subsequently managed communications and public relations for an aerospace division of United Technologies Corp. After ten years there, she returned to broadcasting and started a public relations firm.

Her "Radio Patriot" blog on Google's Blogspot, according to the Free Republic, was taken down without notice by Google, and she has been unable to get an answer why it was done. She is maintaining a backup blog, and also blogs at the Big Hollywood and Big Government blogs. She is critical of the Obama administration, and the article mentioned that the shutdown came shortly after a posting discussing a political relationship between Barack Obama and Jodie Evans of the self-described radical group Code Pink.[1]

The relationship included Evans attending a fundraiser and having a conversation, several minutes long, at the event. It also mentions that Evans attended other fundraisers, but the remainder of the article is about Evans, with no specifics about Obama. Evans has indeed been supportive of groups considered anti-American. [2]

In December 2009, her contingency blog, on Wordpress, includes posts supporting the Birther Movement, the Obama Administration's "deviant" Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings, and the failings of Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele and U.S. House Minority Leader John Boehner in not "paying attention and obeisance to the voters".[3] The Birther material contains both an original post and a reference to Sarah Palin's statements on the Rusty Humphries show and Facebook.


BS, Mass Communictions and Broadcast Journalism, Emerson College