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An informational catalog, or several catalogs, about Anise.

List of common names for anise around the world[1]

Country Common names
Algeria habbet e'hlawoua, sanoudj
Arabic yanisum, yensoon
Brazil erva-doce
China huei-hsiang, pa chio, yan kok
Denmark grøn anis
Estonia harilik aniis
Ethiopia insilal
Finland anisruoho
France anis vert, boucage, graines d'anis noir
Germany anis, anys
Hungary anis
Iceland anís
Iran anisun
Iraq habbat hilwa, yansoon
India pedha jilkara, perumjeeragam, saunf, shatpushpa, shoap, sombu, sulpha
Indonesia jintan mani
Israel shamir
Italy anice, anice verde
Malta cumino dulce
Mexico anís, anís chico, pimpinela
Morocco habbt hlawa, nafaa
Netherlands anijs, groene anijs, nieszaad, wilde pimpernel
Norway anis
Philippines anis
Poland biedrzeniec anyz
Portugal anis, anis verde, erva foce
Romania anis
Russia anis
Spain anis, anís, matalhuga
Sweden anis
Turkey anason
Vietnam cay vi


  1. Allen, Gary. The Herbalist in the Kitchen, 2007.