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Anthony Gancarski is an American political writer, who made a significant ideological shift in 2004. Previously, he wrote for generally libertarian publications such as The American Conservative, CounterPunch, and He then underwent an conversion, "leaving the antiwar Right", moving to Frontpage Magazine, affiliated with David Horowitz and neoconservatism.[1]

In the "Anti-War Right"

His web journalism was recognized by Utne Reader Online as "Best of the Web. In 2001, he published a dark-humored book of stories and poems, Unfortunate Incidents.

Writing in CounterPunch in 2002, while a student at Gonzaga Law School, he questioned American interventionism and its policies in the Middle East.

We live in a world where it is assumed that killing as part of a professional military is a morally justifiable act. It is taken as a given, by all parties, that governments can dictate the terms of moral legitimacy, even though there is occasional evidence that governments act in ways that are less than moral. ... just for a moment, let us imagine that it wasn't possible to find one's self demonized for recognizing the realities of a situation, or for standing up and saying that perhaps there are better ways to establish the US as a beacon of liberty than by turning the Holy Land into a garrison state, whose leaders seem to equate toughness with forfeiture of conscience.[2]

Subsequently, he suggested Jeb Bush could benefit by switching to the U.S. Democratic Party. [3]

After the 2004 Iowa presidential caucuses, he said that Howard Dean's "antiwar" position had had little impact., funded by George Soros, had little effect on the first and second finishers, Senators John Kerry and John Edwards.

Dean, however, was, in Gancarski's view, not really antiwar.

When the Vermont Governor saw fit, he kowtowed to AIPAC, advocating a financial package for Israel that exceeded even the stated goals of Pentagon hand Paul Wolfowitz, for whom a day doesn't pass without him being demonized, incantation-style, in one quarter or another. US to Liberia? Fine with the good Doctor. And Iraq? As Dean said in July, "now that we're there, we're stuck."[4]


Writing about Karen Kwiatkowski, he terms her a part of an antiwar coalition between the Old Right and the New Left. He said her initial writing was for, "a website devoted to the legacy of libertarian economist Murray Rothbard and other vanity political concerns." Gancarski then associated with George Soros and Lyndon LaRouche. [5] Subsequently, he grouped her together, as opposing the Iraq War, with groups including paleoconservatives, the New Left, Lyndon LaRouche, Michael Moore, the "Euro-Left", and ANSWER.[6]


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