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Axis & Allies is a board game that is set during World War II. Players play as one of the 5 powers: the United States, Great Britain, Russia, Japan, or Germany (which also includes Italy and other Axis powers).


The game is played with plastic models the represent different military units; infantry, armor, fighters, bombers, etc. Battles are solved by rolling dice. Each player rolls a certain number of dice based on the number of units they have. The player has to roll above a certain number in order to score a kill; for example, a tank that is on offense only has to roll a 3 or higher, while an infantry unit on offense must roll a 1. On defense, both units have to roll a 2 or higher to score a kill. After the rolls, both sides must remove however many units were "killed" from their territory.

One criticism of the game is that the allied powers are too powerful, and it is simply too easy to win with them.