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This article refers to an establishment selling drinks. If you were looking for the dance equipment, see barre. If you were looking for a unit of pressure, see pressure. See also bar (disambiguation).

A bar is a place of business where drinks, especially alcoholic beverages, are sold. A bar is also the name of the counter (or bench, in Commonwealth English), from which drinks are sold or disbursed in a private home, hotel, or restaurant.

Types of bars

  • The public house, or pub, is the term used in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia that most closely corresponds with the American understanding of "bar". Bars and pubs co-exist in Commonwealth countries; the former are usually wine bars, upscale drinking establishments associated with the middle classes and city traders, while the latter cater to a wider range of the community. Each can be associated with a particular area or group of people (e.g. a gay pub).
  • The Bar and Grill is an American bar where traditional grilled fare such as steaks and hamburgers and often fish and sandwiches are served.
  • An upscale bar, (particularly one in a larger establishment, such as a hotel) is often referred to as a cocktail lounge. Specialized cocktail lounges featuring a piano (especially a grand piano, or a baby grand) where music is played acoustically is known as a piano bar.
  • Sports bars are bars that feature large, wide television screens where sports events are broadcast live.
  • Some bars cater for special categories of clientele, such as singles bars and gay bars.
  • A "dive bar" is one which offers no frills and usually serves drinks of very low quality and selection, but is frequented by residents of the neighborhood of occupation.
  • A "Piano Bar" is one which usually features one or more piano players who sing popular, classic or tawdry songs and may consume alcohol along with the audience. The musicians often place an emphasis on receiving tips throughout the night for accomplishing various feats or playing requests.
  • A disco bar is bar featuring disco music, garish flashing lights, strobe lights, and spinning mirrors
  • A brew pub is a bar that may feature a microbrewery on the premises or otherwise stocks a wide variety of good beer.
  • A dairy bar serves non-alcoholic drinks and confections made with milk, ice cream, and other dairy products.
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