Beastie (novel)

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Author Georges McHargue
Country United States
Language English
Subject Adventure
Genre Juvenile fiction
Publisher Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Published March 1992
Pages 179
ISBN 9780385305891
OCLC 24216032

Beastie is a 1992 juvenile adventure novel by author Georges McHargue. Beastie revolves around Scottish folklore and the search for the Loch Ness monster.


An expedition of scientific experts have come to Scotland to capture a beast residing in the deep lochs. While their parents participate in the expedition to find definitive evidence of the creature, a group of three children (Mary, Scott, and Theo) begin to have their own ideas about the ultimate fate of the creature. They decide that the summer would be more exciting and sneak away from camp on nighttime boating excursions in an attempt to find the elusive 'Beastie'. When they overhear that their parents intend on trapping it, the children manage to create a creature that fools the infrared cameras and the experts, and the researchers are faced with only false alarms and fuzzy pictures for the disappointed National Geographic television crew. When the crews all leave, the real monster emerges.