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An informational catalog, or several catalogs, about Belgian cuisine.

Under construction: This will be a list of well-known Belgian dishes, in alphabetical order.

  • Belgian fries — french fries are generally considered to have originated in Belgium, not France.
  • Waffles — frequently associated with Belgium, although their actual origin in the middle ages is obscure.
  • Mussels and french fries — a highly popular dish called moules frites
  • Belgian chocolate - Highly decorated chocolates filled with creams, nuts or toffees.
  • Crêpe - Large, slightly sweet, pancake served hot with a sweet topping, fruit and either cream or ice cream.
  • Cheeses
    • Bassigny au porto
    • Beauvoorde
    • Bouquet des Moines
    • Brigand
    • Brugse Blomme
    • Brusselae Kaas (Fromage de Bruxelles)
    • Echte Loo
    • Exquis
    • Herve
    • Limburger
    • Maredsous
    • Passendale
    • Plateau de Herve
    • Postel
    • Prince-Jean
    • Remedou
    • Rubens
  • Beer