Binh Dinh Province

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On the coast of Central Vietnam, Binh Dinh Province contains the capital city of Qui Nhon. The South China Sea forms the eastern border, with Quang Ngai Province to the north, Phu Yen Province to the south, and Gia Lai Province to the west.

National Highway 1 runs north-south through it, and National Highway 19 runs to Pleiku in the highlands to the west. It is on a rail line and has a small airport.

Qui Nhon is

Loc Ninh, the site of considerable fighting, is on on Highway 13 north of An Loc. Province names may have changed since the war. An Khe, which served as a base camp for the 4th Infantry Division (U.S.), is also on Highway 19, but now in Gia Lai Province.