Blandings Castle and Elsewhere

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P.G. Wodehouse around age 38

Blandings Castle and Elsewhere is a collection of 12 short stories by P.G. Wodehouse. It was first published in the United Kingdom on 12 April 1935 by Herbert Jenkins, London, and, as Blandings Castle, in the United States on 20 September 1935 by Doubleday Doran, New York.[1] All the stories had previously appeared in Strand Magazine in the United Kingdom and all except the last story in various U.S. magazines.


The first six stories all take place at the book's namesake Blandings Castle; they are set some time between the events of Leave it to Psmith (published in 1923) and those of Summer Lightning (published in 1929). The seventh concerns Bobbie Wickham, an acquaintance and sometime fiancée of Bertie Wooster in the well-known series of Jeeves books, and the last five are narrated by Mr. Mulliner, yet another of the author's recurring characters.



Several of the Blandings stories from this collection were adapted for television by the BBC and broadcast in February and March 1967 in six half-hour episodes. They starred Ralph Richardson as Lord Emsworth, Derek Nimmo as Freddie Threepwood, Meriel Forbes as Lady Constance, and Stanley Holloway as Beach. Unfortunately the master tapes of all but the first episode ("Lord Emsworth and the Girl Friend"), were wiped, and no known copies exist.

Three other stories featured in the collection, "Mr Potter takes a Rest Cure", "The Rise of Minna Nordstrom", and "The Nodder", were produced as part of the BBC's Wodehouse Playhouse series, starring John Alderton and Pauline Collins, airing in 1975 and 1976.

In 2013 BBC television aired a new series, Blandings, starring Timothy Spall as Clarence, Jennifer Saunders as Lady Constance, and Jack Farthing as Freddie. Beach was played by Mark Williams (2013) and Tim Vine (2014).

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