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A list of key readings about Brain morphometry.
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Journal articles

"...among quantitative brain parameters examined to date, only the cerebrotype provides a measure of architecture that correlates with date of divergence of advanced primates."

The phantom is available via BrainWeb, for the whole brain and for the individual tissue classes of the head. Improved version described in Aubert-Broche et al., 2006.
A brief review of simple methods to determine morphological parameters of brain and skull in corpses in a standardised fashion. This A. Dohmen is probably not identical with the Nazi doctor Arnold Dohmen who was later involved in hepatitis experiments with Jewish children in the Nazi concentration camp at Sachsenhausen.
  • Connolly, C. J. (1932), "Brain indices of anthropoid apes", American Journal of Physical Anthropology 17: 57-69, DOI:10.1002/ajpa.1330170114 [e]