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A list of key readings about Brazil.
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Economy, Population and Environment

  • Dean, Warren. With Broadax and Firebrand: The Destruction of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest (1995). excerpt and text search
  • Duarte, Regina Horta. "Por Um Pensamento Ambiental Historico: O Caso Do Brasil." [Environmental Historical Thought: the Case of Brazil]. Luso-Brazilian Review 2004 41(2): 144-161. Issn: 0024-7413 Fulltext: Project Muse
  • Merrick, Thomas W., and Douglas H. Graham. Population and Economic Development in Brazil, 1808 to the Present (1979)
  • Smith, T. Lynn. Brazil: People and Institutions (1972)

Culture and Society

  • de Azevedo, Fernando. Brazilian Culture: An Introduction (1950)
  • Schneider, Ronald M. Brazil: Culture and Politics in a New Industrial Powerhouse (1996)