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Byron York is an American conservative journalist, currently chief political correspondent for the Washington Examiner, going there in February 2009 after a long affiliation as White House correspondent for National Review. Previously, he worked for CNN. He contributes columns not only to hard-right media such as American Spectator and O'Reilly Factor, but to The Hill and The Atlantic.

He is also a book author; in The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy, a title contrasting with comments by Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton about a "vast right wing conspiracy", dealing with some of the new media and methods of the left:, the 527s, "Fahrenheit 9/11", the Center for American Progress and Air America (broadcasting).


Afghanistan and the Democratic Party

Referring to President Barack Obama's West Point speech, in December 2009, on policy for the Afghanistan War (2001-), will be keeping a campaign promise but going against widely held beliefs in the U.S. Democratic Party. Nancy Pelosi was one Democrat whom he said had very different opinions in 2006 and today.[1]

David Brock

Commenting on conservative-turned-progressive David Brock, he said Brock's autobiography, in explaining where he lied for the Right, impugns his credibility. York describes his operation as funded by the usual suspects of the Left, and seeming more like a political campaign than a think tank. [2]