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This page describes how to report a bug or submit an enhancement request using CZ's special email list dedicated to that purpose. Please read the instructions before posting a bug/request.

You can submit bug reports or enhancement requests to An archive of this email list is found at: cz-bugs archive For those who wish to report bugs and enhancement requests directly, use CZ Bugzilla. The advantage of the latter approach is you will receive emails informing you of any changes to bug/request status as they occur. The disadvantage is you must register on bugzilla before you can submit a bug/request ticket. However, you need not register in order to view the tickets on bugzilla. For details on how to register on and use bugzilla, see How to use Bugzilla.

How to submit a bug report/enhancement request using cz-bugs

How to classify the bug report/enhancement request

There are three classes of bug report/enhancement request. The first is a request relevant to the wiki. This is indicated by using the CZ category. The second is a request relevant to the Forum software. This is indicated using the Forum category. The third is a request relevant to CZ's infrastructure. Generally, users will not submit requests for the infrastructure. This is normally handled by technical staff or those who are registered on bugzilla. If you think you have uncovered an infrastructure problem or desire an enhancement to the infrastructure, please contact one of the technical staff listed at: Other CZ groups

How to format the email message

To submit a request, please include the following items in this format in your email message:

* Image:  If relevant, include a URL to an image.
* Category: See above
* Description: What is the problem?
* Date: When did you see it?
* Browser Version: What browser(s) are you using or the bug is observable on?
* Documentation/Notes: Example of bug (--[[User:Robert W King|Robert W King]] 13:16, 7 August 2007 (CDT))

CZ Bug Example 1

  • Image:
  • Category: CZ
  • Description: CZ looks all wrong.
  • Date: 2007-08-07
  • Browser Version: IE 6.0
  • Documentation/Notes: Example of bug (--Robert W King 13:16, 7 August 2007 (CDT)) This image is a blantant rip from the Template:NFPA page, but it illustrates a good example of how to display a graphical problem. I believe the image was created by either Stephen Ewen or Chris Day (my memory escapes me).

CZ Bug Example 2

CZ Enhancement request

  • Image: N/A
  • Category: Extension
  • Description: Install the Jabberwocky extension
  • Date: 11/2/2008
  • Browser Version: N/A
  • Documentation/Notes: Example of an enhancement request (Dan Nessett 18:01, 2 November 2009 (UTC)) The Jabberwocky extension would give us the ability to establish worm-holes within the main article space. This would allow us to replicate our database at velocities faster than the speed of light and establish CZ mirrors on Alpha Centauri and other star systems.

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