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Disambiguation page

A disambiguation page is a page, found by searching, that lists multiple articles containing the searched-for word, called the Keyword in this page. For reasons of fairness, the policy in The Citizendium is that no article gets to occupy the Keyword space, because that would make it dominant to all other articles containing "Keyword". Article Keyword should always redirect to Keyword (disambiguation), a page which will list all of the articles pertaining to Keyword.

The disambiguation page must be a plain page; it should not be assigned to any other category or workgroup, should not have a /Definition page, nor have subpages. The disambiguation page should always be named Keyword (disambiguation).

An example of a disambiguation page is Paris (disambiguation). If you go directly to Paris, you should be redirected immediately to Paris (disambiguation).

There are two things that should appear in a disambiguation page:

  1. {{disambig}} must be included in the top of a disambiguation page; this adds the page to the Category:Disambiguation.
  2. List the articles about Keyword using the {{rpl|Article name}}[1] format, with the most likely to be wanted near the top.

Each article so listed will display as a bullet item with the [[Article name/Definition]] page contents shown to the right, plus an icon showing the article's development status.

NOTE: There are a couple of ways to create a Definition. One is by looking at the Disambiguation page and clicking on the "[e]" (edit) at the end of each definition link. Another is from the Discussion page of the disambiguated article, by clicking the appropriate link near the top of the Discussion subpage.

Disambiguated articles

In each disambiguated article (listed in the disambiguation page), two things are needed:

  1. {{dambigbox|Article name|Keyword}} should be placed at the top of each disambiguated article to help readers find other meanings of the searched-on keyword
  2. A definition should be created, if it doesn't already exist, at [[Article name/Definition]]; the contents of the definition page will appear on the disambiguation page if the article is listed as described above. Definitions should be as short as possible.

An example of a disambiguated article is Paris, Tennessee. It's definition is at Paris, Tennessee/Definition.

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  1. {{rpl|Article name}} differs from {{r|Article name}}; the latter is used on Related Articles subpages