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Welcome to the Group Status page

This page lists everyone using the Userinfo System. Its purpose is to clue us into each other's general plans, roles, and so forth, allowing us to coordinate our activity more efficiently. This list is meant for everyone--not just editors, not just very active people--so please add yourself. We think you'll find it very useful.

How do you add yourself?

  1. First, create your data page(s). When first getting started, that takes a little doing, but it's not too hard. Simply follow the complete instructions at CZ:Userinfo System.
  2. Second, carefully place your username on this page (follow the instructions you'll find there).

Citizendium Status - All Citizens
Users 1-10 • 11-20 • 21-30 • 31-40
Name Short term plan Longer-term plan Roles in the system
1. Anthony Argyriou
[edit all]
(1) Work on geometry articles (1) Work on Earthquake (2) Work on elasticity (physics) (3) Work on Munsell Color Order System (4) Work on other geotechnical, geological, and Colombia topics
2. Robert Badgett
[edit all]
(1) Vet CZ:Proposals/Standardizing the naming of biomedical articles. with CZ_Talk:Health Sciences Workgroup as a way to standardize the titles and maybe the introductions of articles. Standardizing titles with an accepted terminology will help CZ in the future when Web 2 starts linking websites. (2) Help create standardized sections for health articles (eg diagnosis, treatment, prognosis) and drug articles (eg biochemistry, brand names, adverse effects), that can be subpages when articles become to bulky for a single page. (3) Further work on Template:2x2-rx as a way to embed interactive decision support in articles. Primitive example is at hypoalphalipoproteinemia. (4) Learn how to make common bioinformatics links to the databases at Entrez. Use antidiuretic hormone, platelet glycoprotein GPIIb-IIIa complex articles as examples. (5) Some day hope to improve referencing so eventually that eventually authors only have to write something like <ref>PMID 9718051</ref> and all referencing is handled using a web mash-up. (1) Executive Committee member (2) Health Sciences editor
3. Steven Clark Bennett
[edit all]
(1) Begin Syria (2) Edit Lebanon to keep pace with current events. (3) Maybe work on Iran (4) Finish Arab-Israeli Conflict (1) Expand Iran and Egypt (2) Write article on Arabic language (3) Write articles on Iraq and Saudi Arabia. (4) Expand Middle East article (5) Improve general coverage of the Middle East and Islamic world on CZ (1) None really. I'm interested in the Mideast and want to improve CZ's coverage of the region.
4. Lee R. Berger
[edit all]
(1) Create draft points for EZ at correspondence universities (2) Initiate 2008 EZ at own Univ. (3) Finish Palau island article and write up in draft Palau science announcement for CZ (4) follow up on Kuhn Hyena articles (1) Ramp up EZ to meet Larry's 5000 articles in 6 months (2) Explore fundraising opportunities for CZ (3) Convince Larry of need for citation of articles by author (1) Member Int. Exec. (2) Anthropology Editor (3) Author
5. Luke Brandt
[edit all]
(1) expand art. Reed College (2) + art. grav-mass (3) + art. Newtonmass (1) get better photo for David Attenborough (2) perhaps some images for Buskaid
6. Eric Clevinger
[edit all]
(1) Android Smartphone (1) Create and contribute to articles as my knowledge allows. (2) Add requested images. (3) Cedar Point (1) Author
7. Todd Coles
[edit all]
(1) Continue work on baseball (2) Continue work on Charlemagne (3) Continue work on Count Rumford (4) Create image gallery for Oklahoma (U.S. state) (1) History Author (2) Geography Author (3) Sports Author
8. Evan Cooper
[edit all]
(1) Music author (2) General author
9. Chris Day
[edit all]
(1) Design generic sub-workgroup template (2) Rethink role of definitions-only and short but complete articles. (3) Experiment with new Core article format. (1) Create subworkgroup specific test page (2) Subworkgroup proposal (1) Biology editor (2) Subpage template
10. John Dvorak
[edit all]
(1) Keep the Double Redirect page slimmed down
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