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This page is outdated as of April 2010 and mainly kept here for archival purposes. Meanwhile, a copy of our LocalSettings.php file is available here.

If you are a developer or otherwise have knowledge, please document in individual sections any "custom hacks" you have made to the version of MediaWiki currently running on Citizendium. The point of this is to enable us to upgrade MediaWiki at some point, while rolling back in any customizations that have been done to CZ without "breaking everything." Thanks. Eric M Gearhart

Summary box at Special:Upload was enlarged

This was to allow the {{Image notes}} to be viewed all at once without scrolling. It entailed simply changing a number in the php file that displayed it, the name of which I simply cannot remember right now.  :-) Stephen Ewen 01:41, 20 October 2007 (CDT)

Change page title

Output.php was changed, so that if a page is in the main namespace and it is not a subpage, then it is titled "Title - encyclopedia article - Citizendium". If a page is in the main namespace and it is a subpage, then it is titled according to however the subpage type name reads: "Title - Subpage Type - Citizendium". See this post on cz-tools.