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Search overview

Searching is simple - just enter the text you want to look for, and we'll try to find some articles that match by the title and by the content of the page. Terms are "anded" together, so a search on biology cell will return pages that mention both 'biology' and 'cell'. To find all pages that mentioned either biology or cell, simply say biology or cell. To exclude a term, put the word 'not' or an exclamation mark in front of it. You can also group with parenthesis. Finally, you can use the shortcuts & and | for "AND" and "OR" respectively.

Note that we are actually searching for the stems of words, so searching for the word 'smooth' will match not only 'smooth', but 'smoothly' and 'smooths'.


  • Search for articles containing the words "biology" or "cell", but not the word "microbiology":
    • (biology | cell) !microbiology

Internet browser search plugins

A search plugin for FireFox 2 and Internet Explorer 7 is available for installation from This allows you to search Citizendium from your browser without having to first navigate to Citizendium. Hint: consider opening a blank browser tab before you do your search if you do not want to overwrite the contents of the web page you are currently viewing.

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