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It has been noticed several times frequently that it is difficult impossible to find material in the CZ namespace.

This Sitemap is meant to provide a means to structure and organize the contents. It contains a list of all files in CZ and CZ talk namespaces as of Nov. 17, 2009. The files can be transferred from the alphabetical list provided by "All pages" to a structured table of contents. (Comments can be added.) This will be a slow process, but if it works the result will be a useful sitemap that can be used when discussing CZ policy and guidelines.



CZ:Home / CZ:Home/Item links / CZ:Project Home / CZ:Project Home/Launch Requirements

CZ:Article Lists

CZ:Wanted Pages

CZ:Archived Pages Links to outdated pages


CZ:Sidebar Design


CZ:About / CZ:About/Brief version


CZ:Why Citizendium? / CZ:Why should experts join CZ?

CZ:Topic Choice

CZ:What Citizendium articles are not (CZ:NOT) / CZ:We aren't Wikipedia ( CZ:WAW / CZ:We aren t Wikipedia )

CZ:Getting Started / CZ:Quick Start


CZ:An extended introduction to the Citizendium link to (Speech by Larry Sanger)

CZ:Dozen Essentials

CZ:Content Policy

CZ:Original Research Policy (CZ:Original research) / CZ:Original Research Policy/HVL proposal

CZ:Neutrality Policy (CZ:Neutrality policy) / CZ:Neutrality process new draft

CZ:Family-Friendly Policy


CZ:Policy Outline

CZ:Policy on Self-Promotion
CZ:Policy on Topic Informants
CZ:Policy questions raised by articles
CZ:Privacy policy (CZ:Privacy)

CZ:Myths and Facts (CZ:Myths and facts / CZ:You've got CZ all wrong! )

CZ:Under Construction

License / Impressum

CZ:Reusing Citizendium Content (CZ:Sharing Content with Wikipedia)

CZ:License (CZ:Copyrights)

CZ:Creative Commons CC-by-sa 3.0 / CZ:GNU Free Documentation License

CZ:Disclaimer / CZ:General disclaimer



CZ:License Essays/Aleksander Stos
CZ:License Essays/Andrew Su
CZ:License Essays/Anthony Argyriou
CZ:License Essays/Jitse Niesen
CZ:License Essays/Joe Quick
CZ:License Essays/Mike Johnson
CZ:License Essays/Peter Tretter
CZ:License Essays/Robert King
CZ:License Essays/Stephen Ewen
CZ:License Essays/Tom Kelly
CZ:License Essays/Utkarshraj Atmaram
CZ:License Essays/Zach Pruckowski

CZ:Should we permit or disallow commercial use of CZ-originated articles? CZ:Should we use GFDL or CC-by-sa for CZ-originated articles? CZ:Should authors share copyright with the Citizendium Foundation?


CZ:User Pages

CZ:Author (CZ:Authors)

CZ:The Author Role
( CZ:How to get started as an author (CZ:How to get started with the Citizendium pilot) )

CZ:Editor (CZ:Editors)

CZ:The Editor Role

CZ:Communication (CZ:Communicate) CZ:Community Overview CZ:Community Pages

CZ:Summaries of policy arguments

CZ:Professionalism (CZ:PRO)

CZ:Mailing lists


(CZ:How to start a new article) / (CZ:Start)

CZ:Group Editing (CZ:Group editing)

CZ:How to Collaborate (CZ:How to collaborate)
CZ:How to use talk pages

CZ:Be bold (CZ:Be Bold)

CZ:How to edit an article ( CZ:How to Edit the Citizendium / CZ:WP2CZ ) / CZ:How To ( CZ:How to / CZ:Howto / CZ:HowTo )

CZ:Talk Pages


CZ:Searching / CZ:How to use this site's search function

CZ:MediaWiki Citation Tools (CZ:Mediawiki Citation Tools)

CZ:External Sources _ CZ:Import : CZ:Import/Archive / CZ:Import/Apuleius / CZ:Import/Gesenius / CZ:Import/Stanford-Binet IQ test CZ:Introduction to CZ for Wikipedians (CZ:CZ4WP) : CZ:How to convert Wikipedia articles to Citizendium articles

CZ:Email us an article in word processor format

CZ:Formatting mathematics : CZ:Formatting mathematics/Scriptstyle / CZ:Formatting mathematics/Theorem capitalization

CZ:How to display foreign characters

CZ:How to make tables / CZ:Box Help (CZ:Manual of Style)

CZ:Markup tags for partial transclusion of selected text in an article

CZ:Enhancing your editing with javascript extensions (CZ:Enhancing your editing with java extensions)

CZ:Consider among color-fonts for wiki-links to empty pages

CZ:Namespaces (CZ:Namespace)

CZ:Technical Help

CZ:Software Tour

CZ:Statistics ( CZ:Statistics page / CZ:Stats )




CZ:Approval Announcements / CZ:Approval Announcements/2007 / CZ:Approval Announcements/2008

CZ:Approval Standards (CZ:Approval standards)

CZ:Approval Process (CZ:Approval process) / CZ:Approval subpage

Workgroup CZ:Approval and Feedback / CZ:Approval and Feedback/Status

CZ:Approval of CZ namespace pages (CZ:Approval for CZ pages)

CZ:Editor Policy / CZ:Editor orientation

CZ:Ready for approval


CZ:Start Article / CZ:Start article with subpages (CZ:Start article)

CZ:Article structure ( CZ:Articles / CZ:Article CZ:Cluster / CZ:Cluster structure / CZ:Clusters / CZ:Metadata )

CZ:Article Mechanics Complete
CZ:Article mechanics ( CZ:Article Mechanics (CZ:Lead Paragraph) ) / CZ:Article mechanics/Draft rewrite (CZ:Article Mechanics/Draft rewrite)

CZ:The Article Checklist (CZ:Article Checklist / CZ:Checklist ) / (CZ:Pages without metadata)

CZ:Type Previous Name Here

CZ:Naming conventions (CZ:Naming Conventions)

CZ:Subpages ( CZ:Sub-page / CZ:Sub-pages / CZ:Subpage / CZ:Subpage Pilot )

CZ:Subpages/Status / CZ:Subpages/Which style?

(CZ:Instructions for placing the Subpages template)
CZ:Infoset or Cluster / CZ:Name of subpage set?
CZ:Using the subpages template (CZ:Using the Subpages template)

  • Subpages:
CZ:Addendum / CZ:Advanced / CZ:Audio / CZ:Bibliography (CZ:Bibliographies) / CZ:Catalogs (CZ:Tables) / CZ:Code
CZ:Debate Guide (CZ:Debate guide) / CZ:Discography / CZ:Documents / CZ:External Links / CZ:Filmography : CZ:Function / CZ:Gallery (CZ:Galleries) / CZ:Glossary
CZ:History / CZ:News Guide (CZ:News guide) / CZ:Recipes (CZ:Recipe) / CZ:Related Articles ( CZ:Related / CZ:Related articles )
CZ:Student Level (CZ:Student) / CZ:Timelines / CZ:Tutorials / CZ:Video / CZ:Works ( CZ:Works Subpage / CZ:Works Subpages / CZ:Works subpage / CZ:Works subpages / CZ:Written Works )
CZ:Definitions (CZ:Definition)
(see also #Approval CZ:Approval)
(CZ:List of subpage types CZ:Button available)->Subpages

CZ:How to add a new subpage type

CZ:Article-specific subpages ( CZ:Article-specific Sub-pages / CZ:Article-specific Subpages / CZ:Article specific subpages / CZ:Article-specific sub-page types / CZ:Article-specific subpage types / CZ:Article specific sub-page types / CZ:Article specific subpage types )


CZ:Articles with a slash character in their names


CZ:Lemma article


CZ:Direct referencing

CZ:Pronunciation guides


CZ:Romanization (CZ:Romanisation)

CZ:Romanization/Ancient Greek

/ CZ:Romanization/Arabic / CZ:Romanization/Chinese / CZ:Romanization/Gaelic

/ CZ:Romanization/Greek

/ CZ:Romanization/Japanese / CZ:Romanization/Sanskrit


CZ:Citation style / CZ:Citation templates

CZ:Categories (CZ:Category)

CZ:Signed Articles (CZ:Signed articles)

CZ:Templates ( CZ:Template / CZ:TEMPLATE / CZ:TEMPLATES )

CZ:Templates/Guidelines / CZ:Templates/Media Templates / CZ:Templates/Subpages Templates

CZ:About Media Hosted at Citizendium ( CZ:Reusing Media Hosted at Citizendium / CZ:Reusing media hosted at Citizendium ) / CZ:Reusing media hosted at Citizendium/Draft

CZ:Images (CZ:Media) : CZ:Images/Extensions/ImageMap / CZ:Image Category Challenge

CZ:Personal Galleries


CZ:Fair Use Policy, Media (CZ:Fair Use Policy)

CZ:Credit lines / CZ:Media Credit Lines within Articles

CZ:Privacy and Publicity Rights, Media : CZ:Privacy and Publicity Rights, Media/External links

CZ:Audio and Video (CZ:Audio and video)

CZ:Media/Flickr Help

CZ:Media Requests

CZ:Media Assets Workgroup (CZ:Policy on Media Assets Workgroup)

CZ:Media Assets Workgroup/Blanket permissions / CZ:Media Assets Workgroup/Blanket permissions/Mini Foxie Club of Australia, Inc.
CZ:Media Assets Workgroup/Copyright Compliance Team (CZ:Media Assets Workgroup/Help requests)
CZ:Media Assets Workgroup/Development
CZ:Media Assets Workgroup/Example permission request letters
CZ:Media Assets Workgroup/Media Lab / CZ:Media Assets Workgroup/Templates

CZ:Upload ( CZ:Upload-Wizard / CZ:Upload Wizard ) / CZ:Upload Wizard/fair use-author / CZ:Upload Wizard/fair use-editor


/ CZ:Upload/3rdparty-free / CZ:Upload/opt / CZ:Upload/ownwork


/ CZ:Upload/preload-other-unfree / CZ:Upload/preload-ownwork / CZ:Upload/preload-ownwork-pd / CZ:Upload/preload-pd / CZ:Upload/uploadpermission

Editorial Council

CZ:Editorial Council Rules of Procedure
CZ:Editorial Council Rules of Procedure/Amendment 1 / CZ:Editorial Council Rules of Procedure/Amendment 1/Vote

CZ:Editorial Council How to Make a Resolution (CZ:Editorial Council Resolution Guidelines)

CZ:Editorial Council Log (CZ:Editorial Council Chronology of Motions)
CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0001 : CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0001/Member position statements / CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0001/Sanger opinion / CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0001/Vote
CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0002
CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0003 / CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0003/Member position statements / CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0003/Vote
CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0004 / CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0004/Member position statements / CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0004/Vote
CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0005 / CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0005/Member position statements / CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0005/Vote
CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0006 / CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0006/Member position statements / CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0006/Vote
CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0007 / CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0007/Amendment 1/Vote / CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0007/Member position statements / CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0007/Vote
CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0008 / CZ:Contributor Lists
CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0009 / CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0009/Member position statements / CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0009/Vote
CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0010 ( CZ:Proposal on Romanization / CZ:Proposal on Romanization/Vote )
/ CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0010/Member position statements / CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0010/Vote
CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0011 / CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0011/Member position statements / CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0011/Vote
CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0012 / CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0012/Member position statements / CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0012/Vote
CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0013 / CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0013/Member position statements / CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0013/Vote
CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0014 (CZ:Editorial Council Resolution Subgroups) / CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0014/Member position statements (CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0014/Member p) / CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0014/Vote


CZ:Workgroups (CZ:Workgroup)

(CZ:Discipline Workgroups)

CZ:Agriculture Workgroup : CZ:Agriculture Workgroup/Status

CZ:Anatomy Subgroup : CZ:Anatomy Subgroup/Affiliation

CZ:Anthropology Workgroup : CZ:Anthropology Workgroup/Priority list / CZ:Anthropology Workgroup/Status

CZ:Archaeology Workgroup : CZ:Archaeology Workgroup/Status

CZ:Architecture Workgroup : CZ:Architecture Workgroup/Status

CZ:Astronomy Workgroup : CZ:Astronomy Workgroup/Status

CZ:Biochemistry Subgroup : CZ:Biochemistry Subgroup/Affiliation

CZ:Biology Workgroup : CZ:Biology Workgroup/Status / CZ:Biology Workgroup/concepts / CZ:Biology Workgroup/list

CZ:List of biology topics / CZ:List of biology topics N-Z
CZ:Taxobox usage

CZ:Botany Subgroup : CZ:Botany Subgroup/Affiliation / CZ:Botany Subgroup/Good article

CZ:Business Workgroup : CZ:Business Workgroup/Company Structure / CZ:Business Workgroup/Status

CZ:Cardiovascular Subgroup

CZ:Chemical Engineering Subgroup / CZ:Chemical Engineering Subgroup/Affiliation

CZ:Chemistry Workgroup / CZ:Chemistry Workgroup/Status / CZ:Chemistry style guide

CZ:Schema of Magnetic Resonance-related articles (CZ:NMR core articles)

CZ:Classics Workgroup / CZ:Classics Workgroup/Status / CZ:Classics Workgroup Guidelines/Section about original sources

CZ:Computers Workgroup / CZ:Computers Workgroup/Recruitment Letter

CZ:Computers Workgroup/Status / CZ:Computers Workgroup:Recruitment Letter

CZ:Dance Workgroup

CZ:Dogs Workgroup CZ:Dogs Subgroup

CZ:Earth Sciences Workgroup : CZ:Earth Sciences Workgroup/Status / CZ:Earth Science Workgroup/Status

CZ:Economics Workgroup : CZ:Economics Workgroup/Status

CZ:Education Workgroup : CZ:Education Workgroup/Status

CZ:Engineering Workgroup : CZ:Engineering Workgroup/Status / CZ:Engineering Workgroup Guidelines/Buildings / CZ:Engineering Workgroup/Workgroup Week

CZ:Environmental Engineering Subgroup

CZ:Food Science Workgroup

CZ:Games Workgroup : CZ:Games Workgroup/Status

CZ:Genetics Subgroup

CZ:Geography Workgroup

CZ:Geography Workgroup/Gazetteer : CZ:Geography Workgroup/Gazetteer/Geogra-thon / CZ:Geography Workgroup/Gazetteer/Geogra-thon/November / CZ:Geography Workgroup/Gazetteer/Geogra-thon/December

CZ:Health Sciences Workgroup : CZ:Health Sciences Workgroup/Status / CZ:Health Sciences Workgroup/Workgroup Week
  CZ:Health Science Workgroup/Status

CZ:History Workgroup : CZ:History Workgroup/Recruitment Letter / CZ:History Workgroup/Status / CZ:History Workgroup/Style Guide

CZ:History of Technology Subgroup / CZ:History of Technology Subgroup/Affiliation

CZ:Hobbies Workgroup / CZ:Hobbies Workgroup/Status

CZ:Homeopathy Subgroup

CZ:Infectious Disease Subgroup : CZ:Infectious Disease Subgroup/Affiliation

CZ:Internetworking Subgroup (CZ:Internet Subgroup)

CZ:Journalism Workgroup : CZ:Journalism Workgroup/Status

CZ:Language Acquisition Subgroup

CZ:Law Workgroup : CZ:Law Workgroup/Status

CZ:Library and Information Science Workgroup : CZ:Library and Information Science Workgroup/Status

CZ:Linguistics Workgroup

CZ:Literature Workgroup : CZ:Literature Workgroup/Status

CZ:Literature Workgroup/American literature
CZ:Literature Workgroup/Ancient literature
CZ:Literature Workgroup/Children's and young adult literature
CZ:Literature Workgroup/English literature
CZ:Literature Workgroup/French literature
CZ:Literature Workgroup/German literature
CZ:Literature Workgroup/Japanese literature
CZ:Literature Workgroup/Medieval literature
CZ:Literature Workgroup/Russian literature
CZ:Literature Workgroup/Science fiction literature
CZ:Literature Workgroup/Women in literature

CZ:Mathematics Workgroup : CZ:Mathematics Workgroup/Status / CZ:Mathematics Workgroup/List of mathematical topics
CZ:Mathematics Workgroup/Workgroup Week

CZ:Mathematics Workgroup/Mathematics Week/Blogs (CZ:Mathematics Workgroup/Workgroup Week/Blogs)
CZ:Mathematics Workgroup/Mathematics Week/Forums (CZ:Mathematics Workgroup/Workgroup Week/Forums)
CZ:Mathematics Workgroup/Mathematics Week/Mailing lists (CZ:Mathematics Workgroup/Workgroup Week/Mailing lists)
CZ:Mathematics Workgroup/Mathematics Week/Websites (CZ:Mathematics Workgroup/Workgroup Week/Websites)

CZ:Media Workgroup / CZ:Media Workgroup/Status

CZ:Microbiology Subgroup / CZ:Microbiology Subgroup/Affiliation CZ:Military Workgroup / CZ:Military Subgroup/Affiliation / CZ:Military Workgroup/Status CZ:Music Workgroup : CZ:Music Workgroup/Status

CZ:List of music psychology topics

CZ:Pharmacology Subgroup : CZ:Pharmacology Subgroup/Affiliation CZ:Philosophy Workgroup : CZ:Philosophy Workgroup/Status

CZ:Philosophy Workgroup/Philosophy Week (CZ:Philosophy Workgroup/Workgroup Week) / CZ:Philosophy Workgroup/Philosophy Week/Blogs

CZ:Phonetics Subgroup

CZ:Phonology Subgroup : CZ:Phonology Subgroup/Affiliation

CZ:Physics Workgroup : CZ:Physics Workgroup/Status

CZ:Physiology Subgroup : CZ:Physiology Subgroup/Affiliation

CZ:Politics Workgroup : CZ:Politics Workgroup/Status

CZ:Psychology Workgroup : CZ:Psychology Workgroup/Status

CZ:Religion Workgroup : CZ:Religion Workgroup/Status

CZ:Robotics Workgroup : CZ:Robotics Workgroup/Status

CZ:Sailing Subgroup

CZ:Sociology Workgroup : CZ:Sociology Workgroup/Status

CZ:Sports Workgroup : CZ:Sports Workgroup/Status

CZ:Surgery Subgroup

CZ:Theater Workgroup : CZ:Theater Workgroup/Status

CZ:Visual Arts Workgroup : CZ:Visual Arts Workgroup/Status


CZ:Welcome Page

CZ:Initiatives / CZ:PR

CZ:Article of the Week (CZ:ArticleOTWeek)
CZ:New Draft of the Week (CZ:New Article of the Week)


CZ:Wishlist/Citations, References and Bibliographies (CZ:Wishlist/References and Bibliographies)
CZ:Wishlist/Citations, References and Bibliographies/Problem Statement (CZ:Wishlist/References and Bibliographies/Problem Statement) / CZ:Wishlist/Citations, References and Bibliographies/Solution (CZ:Wishlist/References and Bibliographies/Solution) / CZ:Wishlist/Citations, References and Bibliographies/Trial (CZ:Wishlist/References and Bibliographies/Trial)
CZ:Wishlist/Establish Relationship with External Organization : CZ:Wishlist/Establish Relationship with External Organization/Editorial council proposal / CZ:Wishlist/Establish Relationship with External Organization/Internet sub-group description
CZ:Wishlist/Potential partners / CZ:Wishlist/Trial Partnership

CZ:Low-intensity editing tasks

CZ:Quote / CZ:Sage advice on writing CZ articles

CZ:Humor (CZ:Humour)


CZ:High priority articles for pilot

CZ:Mailing List Outreach

CZ:Recruitment : CZ:Recruitment/Status / CZ:Recruitment Letter (CZ:Recruitment letter)

CZ:How you can help

CZ:Wiki-converting : CZ:Wiki-converting/Approval / CZ:Wiki-converting/Procedures

CZ:Requested Articles // CZ:ACR (Article Content Request) / CZ:Fulfilled Article Requests

CZ:Wanted images (CZ:Wanted Images)

CZ:Feedback Requests (CZ:Feedback requests)

CZ:Years ( CZ:Year / CZ:Day / CZ:Days )


CZ:Watch Rating for Articles


CZ:How did you hear about CZ?

CZ:Why I contribute to CZ

CZ:Friends of Citizendium

CZ:Become a Partner (CZ:Become a partner)

CZ:Donate : CZ:Donor List / CZ:Fundraiser

CZ:Global To-do List

CZ:Uncategorized pages (pain-free version)

CZ:Unchecklisted Articles (CZ:Unchecklisted)

CZ:Housekeeping / CZ:Housekeeping/Broken pages


CZ:The Big Cleanup / CZ:The Big Cleanup/Signup

CZ:The Big Link / CZ:The Big Speedydelete / CZ:The Big Write

CZ:Userinfo System (CZ:User Infoboxes) / CZ:Userinfo System Documentation / CZ:Userinfo System Workgroup Member Lists

CZ:Greeters / CZ:Happy New Year 2008

CZ:Group Status / CZ:Group Status/11 / CZ:Group Status/31 // CZ:Group Status/2 / CZ:Group Status Test

CZ:Big Collaboration (CZ:The Big Collaboration)

CZ:Topic Informant Workgroup / CZ:Topic Partners

CZ:Professional Organization Outreach

CZ:Blog Outreach

CZ:Bold moves ( CZ:Bold / CZ:Bold Moves )

CZ:Top Google search queries

CZ:Core Articles/Applied Arts and Sciences
CZ:Core Articles/Arts
CZ:Core Articles/Astronomy
CZ:Core Articles/Biology
CZ:Core Articles/Chemistry
CZ:Core Articles/Earth science
CZ:Core Articles/Humanities
CZ:Core Articles/Mathematics
CZ:Core Articles/Miscellaneous
CZ:Core Articles/Natural Sciences
CZ:Core Articles/Physics
CZ:Core Articles/Recreation
CZ:Core Articles/Social Sciences

CZ:Core controversial articles

CZ:List of words with multiple uses

CZ:Workgroup Weeks (CZ:Workgroup Recruitment Planning) / CZ:Workgroup Weeks/We can do this

CZ:Workgroup Weeks/Preparation (CZ:Workgroup Weeks/Details)
CZ:Workgroup Weeks/Endorsement Letter Template

CZ:Workgroup Weeks/Academic recruitment generic sign-up / CZ:Workgroup Weeks/Big website generic sign-up / CZ:Workgroup Weeks/Blog generic sign-up / CZ:Workgroup Weeks/Forum generic sign-up / CZ:Workgroup Weeks/Generic sign-up page / CZ:Workgroup Weeks/Mailing list generic sign-up

CZ:Biology Week/PLoS
CZ:Biology Week/Primer
CZ:Biology Workgroup/Biology Week (CZ:Biology Workgroup/Workgroup Week)
CZ:Biology Workgroup/Biology Week/Academic recruitment
CZ:Biology Workgroup/Biology Week/Academic recruitment/Letter
CZ:Biology Workgroup/Biology Week/Blogs (CZ:Biology Workgroup/Workgroup Week/Blogs)
CZ:Biology Workgroup/Biology Week/Endorsement Letter (Academics)
CZ:Biology Workgroup/Biology Week/Forums (CZ:Biology Workgroup/Workgroup Week/Forums)
CZ:Biology Workgroup/Biology Week/Mailing lists (CZ:Biology Workgroup/Workgroup Week/Mailing lists)
CZ:Biology Workgroup/Biology Week/Pending decisions
CZ:Biology Workgroup/Biology Week/Websites (CZ:Biology Workgroup/Workgroup Week/Websites)
CZ:Biology Workgroup/Biology Week Sep 22-28, 2008
CZ:Biology Workgroup/Biology Week planning
CZ:Biology Workgroup/Biology Week planning/Mailing list announcement text
CZ:Biology Workgroup/Biology Week planning/Mailing lists
CZ:Biology Workgroup/Biology Week planning/Press release management
CZ:Biology Workgroup/Biology Week planning/Shorter Press Release draft
  • The Citizen
CZ:Citizen ( CZ:CZ / CZ:Cz )
CZ:Citizen/V1-N0 / CZ:Citizen/V1-N1 / CZ:Citizen/V1-N2 / CZ:Citizen/V1-N3 / CZ:Citizen/V1-N4 / CZ:Citizen/V1-N5


CZ:Topics in the News (CZ:TITN)

CZ:Stub Week

CZ:Weekly Wiki : CZ:Weekly Wiki/August 15, 2007 / CZ:Weekly Wiki/August 22, 2007

  • Write-a-thon :

CZ:Monthly Write-a-Thon ( CZ:Monthly Write-In / CZ:Monthly write-a-thon / CZ:Write-a-Thon / CZ:Write-a-thon )

CZ:Monthly Write-a-Thon/Previous shindigs

CZ:Monthly Write-a-Thon/April 1, 2009 / CZ:Monthly Write-a-Thon/April 2, 2008 / CZ:Monthly Write-a-Thon/August 1, 2007 / CZ:Monthly Write-a-Thon/August 5, 2009
/ CZ:Monthly Write-a-Thon/August 6, 2008 / CZ:Monthly Write-a-Thon/December 3, 2008 / CZ:Monthly Write-a-Thon/December 5, 2007 / CZ:Monthly Write-a-Thon/February 6, 2008
/ CZ:Monthly Write-a-Thon/February 8, 2009 / CZ:Monthly Write-a-Thon/January 7, 2009 / CZ:Monthly Write-a-Thon/January 9, 2008 / CZ:Monthly Write-a-Thon/July 1, 2009
/ CZ:Monthly Write-a-Thon/July 2, 2008 / CZ:Monthly Write-a-Thon/June 3, 2009 / CZ:Monthly Write-a-Thon/June 4, 2008 / CZ:Monthly Write-a-Thon/March 4, 2009
/ CZ:Monthly Write-a-Thon/March 4, 2009/Lists / CZ:Monthly Write-a-Thon/March 4, 2009/Uncategorized / CZ:Monthly Write-a-Thon/March 5, 2008 / CZ:Monthly Write-a-Thon/May 6, 2009
/ CZ:Monthly Write-a-Thon/May 7, 2008 / CZ:Monthly Write-a-Thon/November 5, 2008 / CZ:Monthly Write-a-Thon/November 7, 2007 / CZ:Monthly Write-a-Thon/October 1, 2008
/ CZ:Monthly Write-a-Thon/October 3, 2007 / CZ:Monthly Write-a-Thon/October 7, 2009 / CZ:Monthly Write-a-Thon/September 2, 2009 / CZ:Monthly Write-a-Thon/September 3, 2008 / CZ:Monthly Write-a-Thon/September 5, 2007

  • WYA

WYA:What's Your Article? ( CZ:What's Your Article? (CZ:What's your article?) ) : WYA:What's Your Article?/Approval

WYA:Elementary diophantine approximations & WYA Talk:Elementary diophantine approximations
WYA:Offene Fragen bei den Pseudoprimzahlen
WYA:Learning from other people's mistakes (NG)

CZ:What's Your Message? (CZ:What's your message?)

CZ:Notice Board

CZ:Notice Board/2006 (CZ:Notice Board/Archive/2006)
CZ:Notice Board/January 2007 (CZ:Notice Board/Archive/January 2007)
CZ:Notice Board/February 2007 (CZ:Notice Board/Archive/February 2007)
CZ:Notice Board/March 2007 (CZ:Notice Board/Archive/March 2007)
CZ:Notice Board/April-Aug 2007 (CZ:Notice Board/Archive/April-Aug 2007)
CZ:Notice Board/September 2007 (CZ:Notice Board/Archive/September 2007)
CZ:Notice Board/Oct-Nov 2007

CZ:Newsletter/docs : CZ:Newsletter/2009/02 / CZ:Newsletter/news/February


CZ:Press / CZ:Press Coverage

(CZ:Citizendium Press Releases)

CZ:Citizendium Press Releases/Dec212007
CZ:Citizendium Press Releases/Feb202008
CZ:Citizendium Press Releases/Jan242007
CZ:Citizendium Press Releases/Jan242008
CZ:Citizendium Press Releases/Mar272007
CZ:Citizendium Press Releases/Oct172006
CZ:Citizendium Press Releases/Oct302007
CZ:Citizendium Press Releases/Sept192008

CZ:Citizendium in one minute


CZ:Proposed Leadership Roles

CZ:Organization / CZ:Personnel

CZ:Executive Committee : CZ:Executive Committee/Status

CZ:Constabulary ( CZ:Constabulary Home <- CZ:Const / CZ:Constables ) / CZ:Constable / CZ:Constabulary/Status

CZ:Constabulary Policy
CZ:Constabulary Blocking Procedures (CZ:Constabulary Rules Enforcement Procedures)


(CZ:Conflict Resolution)

CZ:Dispute Resolution : CZ:Dispute Resolution/Status / CZ:Dispute Resolution Wizard // CZ:Dispute Watch

CZ:Register // CZ:Application Review Procedure (CZ:Pilot Project Application Review Procedure) / CZ:New Account Review Procedure

CZ:Should we confirm stated credentials or check bios cursorily?

CZ:Account Renaming

CZ:Leaving the project (CZ:Procedures on leaving the project)

CZ:How to Apply to be an Editor / CZ:Editor Application Review Procedure

CZ:Technical Team (CZ:Technical Team Workgroup)

CZ:New Workgroup Requests : CZ:New Workgroup Requests/Sweeney / CZ:Notes on launching workgroups

CZ:Subgroups (CZ:Proposals/Subgroups)

CZ:Article Deletion Policy (CZ:DEL)

CZ:Bot / CZ:Bot flag / CZ:Bot threshold / CZ:Script
CZ:Bot status / CZ:Bot status/Modify Active Editors lists/Community Input
CZ:Application for bot accounts

CZ:Buglist (CZ:Bug reports) / CZ:How to use Bugzilla

CZ:Anti-vandalism procedures & CZ:Anti-vandalism links

CZ:Charter drafting/Archive 1 / CZ:Charter drafting/Archives
CZ:Charter drafting/Brainstorm
CZ:Charter drafting/Definitions ( CZ:Charter drafting/Definitions/Compendium / CZ:Charter drafting/Definitions/Encyclopedia / CZ:Charter drafting/What are we? )
CZ:Charter drafting/Drafting procedures
CZ:Charter drafting/Ecology-Economy
CZ:Charter drafting/Feedback / CZ:Charter drafting/Feedback/Archive 1
CZ:Charter drafting/Policy pages
CZ:Charter drafting/Things to address
CZ:Charter drafting/Things to address but not in charter
CZ:Charter drafting committee/Nominations
CZ:Charter drafting committee/Position statements
CZ:Charter drafting committee/Position statements/Alexander Wiebel
CZ:Charter drafting committee/Position statements/Anthony Sebastian
CZ:Charter drafting committee/Position statements/Brian P. Long
CZ:Charter drafting committee/Position statements/D. Matt Innis
CZ:Charter drafting committee/Position statements/Daniel Mietchen
CZ:Charter drafting committee/Position statements/David E. Volk
CZ:Charter drafting committee/Position statements/Drew R. Smith
CZ:Charter drafting committee/Position statements/Howard C. Berkowitz
CZ:Charter drafting committee/Position statements/Joe Quick
CZ:Charter drafting committee/Position statements/Martin Baldwin-Edwards
CZ:Charter drafting committee/Position statements/Meg Ireland
CZ:Charter drafting committee/Position statements/Peter Schmitt
CZ:Charter drafting committee/Position statements/Robert Badgett
CZ:Charter drafting committee/Position statements/Russell D. Jones
CZ:Charter drafting committee/Position statements/Shamira Gelbman
CZ:Charter drafting committee/Position statements/Stephen Ewen
CZ:Charter drafting committee/Position statements/Supten Sarbadhikari
CZ:Charter drafting committee/Position statements/Tom Morris


CZ:Eduzendium : CZ:Eduzendium Workgroup / CZ:Eduzendium/Status

CZ:Eduzendium operational (CZ:Eduzendium Operational)
CZ:Eduzendium/Course EZnotice editintro
CZ:Eduzendium/Course EZnotice preload
CZ:Eduzendium/Course article template preload
CZ:Eduzendium/Course metadata template preload
CZ:Eduzendium/Course talk preload
CZ:Eduzendium/Course template

CZ:Eduzendium recruitment (CZ:Eduzendium Recruitment)

CZ:Eduzendium Testimonials

CZ:Assignment instructions


CZ:GGS English

CZ:UTHSCSA Internal Medicine residency PIM / CZ:UTHSCSA MS4 Informatics

  • 2007 autumn



  • 2008 spring


CZ:Finance3101 101 TempleUniversity Spring2008

  • 2008 summer

CZ:Guidel 2008 summer course on Music and Brain / CZ:Guidel 2008 summer course on Music and Brain/Registration

CZ:CIS 700 Special Topics 2008

  • 2009 spring

CZ:Biol 201: General Microbiology

CZ:Biol 201: General Microbiology/EZnotice / CZ:Example microbe / CZ:Example microbe with template
CZ:Student Microbe list
  • 2009 autumn

CZ:(U00984) Appetite and Obesity, University of Edinburgh 2009

CZ:(U00984) Appetite and Obesity, University of Edinburgh 2009/EZnotice
CZ:(U00984) Appetite and Obesity, University of Edinburgh 2009/Metadata
CZ:(U00984) Appetite and Obesity, University of Edinburgh 2009/Metadata template
CZ:(U00984) Appetite and Obesity, University of Edinburgh 2009/Template article

CZ:POL 214: US Political Parties and Interest Groups

CZ:POL 214: US Political Parties and Interest Groups/Article starter
CZ:POL 214: US Political Parties and Interest Groups/EZnotice
CZ:POL 214: US Political Parties and Interest Groups/Metadata template
CZ:POL 214: US Political Parties and Interest Groups/Template article

Cold Storage

CZ:Cold Storage / CZ:Cold Storage/Test

CZ:Cold Storage/Conceptual integration
CZ:Cold Storage/Conceptual integration technique
CZ:Cold Storage/Energy conversion
CZ:Cold Storage/Extreme Abuse Survey
CZ:Cold Storage/Extreme Abuse Survey/Bibliography
CZ:Cold Storage/Extreme Abuse Survey/Definition
CZ:Cold Storage/Extreme Abuse Survey/External Links
CZ:Cold Storage/Financing human rights and full employment
CZ:Cold Storage/GF Engineering Material
CZ:Cold Storage/Jake the Explainer
CZ:Cold Storage/Jake the Explainer/Approval
CZ:Cold Storage/Jake the Explainer/Definition
CZ:Cold Storage/Jake the Explainer/Related Articles
CZ:Cold Storage/Knowledge creation
CZ:Cold Storage/List of academic journals
CZ:Cold Storage/Mein Kampf
CZ:Cold Storage/Odin Brotherhood
CZ:Cold Storage/Odinism
CZ:Cold Storage/Plausible science
CZ:Cold Storage/Political power, about the emotional basis of
CZ:Cold Storage/Tale Ognenovski
CZ:Cold Storage/Teaching reading and writing


CZ:Call for Authors redirect Special:RequestAccount (previous content!) / CZ:CFA redirect 2007sep: CZ:Register then 2007oct: Special:RequestAccount

CZ:Create Account REDIRECT User talk:Robert Tito/Create Account

( CZ:List of Bioterrorism Agents and diseases (CDC) / CZ:List of Bioterrorism agents and diseases (CDC) / CZ:List of bioterrorism agents and diseases (CDC) )

(CZ:List of operating systems) (CZ:List of people who made conceptual breakthroughs in computer science)

CZ:MSDS Testfile


CZ:User talk:K. Leo Pullin/sandbox

Catalogs / Lists

(CZ:Image Bank - The Gallery of Domestic Animals)

CZ:List of castles in the United Kingdom

CZ:List of scholarly journals in international relations / CZ:List of social science journals



CZ:Proposals/New (CZ:Proposals/Initial / CZ:Proposals/Queue )

CZ:Proposals/All (CZ:Proposals/Recently moved)

CZ:Proposals/Executive : CZ:Proposals/Executive/Declined / CZ:Proposals/Executive/Finished
CZ:Proposals/Approval and Feedback : CZ:Proposals/Approval and Feedback/Declined / CZ:Proposals/Approval and Feedback/Finished
CZ:Proposals/Constabulary : CZ:Proposals/Constabulary/Declined / CZ:Proposals/Constabulary/Finished
CZ:Proposals/Editorial Council : CZ:Proposals/Editorial Council/Declined / CZ:Proposals/Editorial Council/Finished
CZ:Proposals/Eduzendium :CZ:Proposals/Eduzendium/Declined / CZ:Proposals/Eduzendium/Finished
CZ:Proposals/Technical : CZ:Proposals/Technical/Declined / CZ:Proposals/Technical/Finished
CZ:Proposals/Recruitment : / CZ:Proposals/Recruitment/Declined / CZ:Proposals/Recruitment/Finished
CZ:Proposals/PR : CZ:Proposals/PR/Declined / CZ:Proposals/PR/Finished
CZ:Proposals/Ad hoc : CZ:Proposals/Ad hoc/Declined / CZ:Proposals/Ad hoc/Finished
CZ:Proposals/Discarded : CZ:Proposals/Driverless / CZ:Proposals/Driverless/Archive 1


  • Active:
ad hoc CZ:Proposals/Article names for wars and conflicts
EC CZ:Proposals/Disambiguation mechanics
EC CZ:Proposals/Should we allow article specific subpages?
  • Finished:
EC 0010 CZ:Proposals/Romanization
EC 0011 CZ:Proposals/Create workgroup style guides
EC 0013 CZ:Proposals/Medical Disclaimers
EC CZ:Proposals/Recipes Subpage and Accompanying Usage Policy ( CZ:Proposals/How should we classify and/or list/index recipes? / CZ:Proposals/How should we classify and index recipes? )
Exec/ad hoc CZ:Proposals/Approval system for CZ: pages
Edu CZ:Proposals/Label Eduzendium articles more prominently
Exec/ad hoc CZ:Proposals/Adopt the proposals system : CZ:Proposals (CZ:Proposals/Guidelines)
  • Discarded:
CZ:Proposals/Should we reform our family-friendly policy?
CZ:Proposals/Capitalization of CZ namespace articles
CZ:Proposals/Merge Help:Contents and CZ:Home
CZ:Proposals/CZ Community pages should be revised for simplicity
  • Driverless
CZ:Proposals/Separate Author registration from Editor registration
CZ:Proposals/Should we remove the educational prequisites in place in order to be considered for the Constabulary?
CZ:Proposals/Simplify Core Articles Initiative
CZ:Proposals/Unified Feature-Rich Workgroup page design template
CZ:Proposals/Self-Correction Policy
CZ:Proposals/Citing CZ article by authors
CZ:Proposals/A new subpage for translations of approved articles (CZ:Proposals/Allow translations of approved articles)
CZ:Proposals/Non-comprehensive fair use policy
CZ:Proposals/Internationalisation sandbox
CZ:Proposals/Naming Conventions for Biographies : CZ:Proposals/Naming Conventions for Biographies/Proposal1/ CZ:Proposals/Naming Conventions for Biographies/Proposal2
CZ:Proposals/Involving authors in approvals (CZ:Proposals/)
CZ:Proposals/Change to reversion policy
CZ:Proposals/Enable external feedback (CZ:Proposals/0002)
CZ:Proposals/Pilot to allow Citizens to take credit for pages : CZ:Proposals/Pilot to allow Citizens to take credit for pages/Archive 1 / (CZ:Proposals/Pilot to allow Citizens to take credit for pages/Pilot to allow Citizens to take credit for pages/Archive 1)
CZ:Proposals/Create a page for all notable genes in the human genome : CZ:Proposals/Create a page for all notable genes in the human genome/Testpage
CZ:Proposals/Article Content Request help (CZ:Proposals/0003)
CZ:Proposals/Standardizing the naming of biomedical articles.
CZ:Proposals/Redirection creation bot
CZ:Proposals/Citizendium Mobile
CZ:Proposals/Should history articles be named with general terms first? (CZ:Proposals/0001)

CZ:Proposals/Subgroups in addition to Workgroups?

CZ:Proposals/Enforce One Style for Professional Web Presence CZ:Proposals/Java applet support


This is a provisional namespace for references. A complete list of the pages in it can be found via Special:PrefixIndex/CZ:Ref:.

CZ:Ref:Abdel-Mannan 2008 Evolution of cortical neurogenesis ... CZ:Ref:van den Bergh 1999 Spatial sustainability, trade and indicators: an evaluation of the 'ecological footprint'

CZ:Ref:DOI:10.1002/(SICI)1096-9861(19970728)384:2 ^312::AID-CNE10^ 3.0.CO;2-K ... CZ:Ref:DOI:10.3389/neuro.09.031.2009

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