Captain Crotty (fireboat)

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Captain Crotty (fireboat) [r]: A fireboat operating in Houston, Texas [e]

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The Captain Crotty was Houston's second fireboat.[1] When commissioned in 1950 she replaced the Port Houston.[2][3] She was joined by Houston's third fireboat, the Captain J.L. Farnsworth in 1973. In 1983 she, in turn was retired, replaced by the J.S. Bracewell and Howard T. Tellepsen.[4]

The Captain Crotty was 79  feet (24.08  m) long, and built in the R.T.C Shipbuilding of Camden, New Jersey.[2] According to Motorboating magazine she was "highly maneuverable", while built to a "relatively inexpensive" design.

After she was retired she was sold to Ocean Diving Adventures Incorporated, for $50,000.[5]

She was named after Charles Crotty, who had been assistant director of the Port.[6] The name was picked through a contest.[7]


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