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Charles WilloughbyMajor General, U.S. Army, who was the chief of intelligence (i.e., G-2) for Douglas MacArthur during the Second World War, Japanese Occupation and Korean War [e]

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Parent topics

  • Douglas MacArthur [r]: Senior U.S. Army commander in the Second World War, head of the Occupation of Japan, holder of the highest rank and highest honor for valor in the Army, yet relieved of command for insubordination [e]
  • World War Two in the Pacific [r]: The part of World War II (1937-45) fought in Asia and the Pacific Ocean between Japan and the U.S., China, Britain, Australia, and other Allies. [e]
  • Korean War [r]: A modern conflict (1950-1953) fought on the Korean peninsula between the US-led UN forces, and the Communist coalition of North Korea and China. [e]


Other related topics

  • Clandestine human-source intelligence and covert action [r]: Intelligence and military special operations functions that either should be completely secret (i.e., clandestine: the existence of which is not known outside the relevant government circles), or simply cannot be linked to the sponsor (i.e., covert: it is known that sabotage is taking place, but its sponsor is unknown). [e]