Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award

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The Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award, also known as the SFWA Grand Master Award, is given to authors of science fiction and/or fantasy in recognition of their overall life's work.

The award is administered by the Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA). Nominations are made by the current president of SFWA and approved by a committee of SFWA officers and past presidents. The recipient must must be alive to be honored. The award trophy is presented as part of the Nebula Awards ceremony; however, this award is not part of the Nebulas, and, unlike the Nebulas, the honoree (if there is one that year) is announced well ahead of time.

Originally, this award was simply the "Grand Master Award". It was renamed in 2002 to honor Damon Knight, a major science fiction writer who was also the founder of SFWA.