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Danios are fish native to the fresh water rivers and streams of southeast Asia. Many species are brightly colored, and are available as aquarium fish worldwide. Danios are very similar to barbs but are much slimmer-bodied. They are found in large shoals in fast flowing waters. In the aquarium they prefer the upper layers of water and may be seen cruising around all day. They are peaceful, ideal community fishes.

They are insectivores and their upturned mouth is ideally suited to taking insects from the water surface. They are not fussy about food and will take flakes and frozen fish foods without any hesitation. Bred by the thousand in commercial fish farms, albino and long-finned strains of Brachydanio rerio (Zebra Danio) and Brachydanio albolineatus (Pearl Danio) have been developed. These strains are not quite as hardy as the wild type and require slightly higher temperatures.