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A list of key readings about Edmund Burke.
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  • Cone, Carl B. Burke and the Nature of Politics (2 vols, 1957, 1964), a detailed modern biography of Burke; somewhat uncritical and sometimes superficial regarding politics
  • Courtenay, C.P. Montesquieu and Burke (1963), good introduction
  • Crowe, Ian, ed. The Enduring Edmund Burke: Bicentennial Essays (1997) essays by by American conservatives online edition
  • Crowe, Ian, ed. An Imaginative Whig: Reassessing the Life and Thought of Edmund Burke. (2005). 247 pp. essays by scholars
  • Gibbons, Luke. Edmund Burke and Ireland: Aesthetics, Politics, and the Colonial Sublime. (2003). 304 pp.
  • Kirk, Russell. Edmund Burke: A Genius Reconsidered (1997) by a leader of American conservatism online edition
  • Kirk, Russell. The Conservative Mind from Burke to Santayana (1953), put Burke in the mainstream of American conservatism online edition
  • Kramnick, Isaac. The Rage of Edmund Burke: Portrait of an Ambivalent Conservative (1977) online edition
  • Lock, F. P. Edmund Burke (2 vol 1998, 2007), the standard scholarly biography vol 1 online
  • Lucas, Paul. "On Edmund Burke's Doctrine of Prescription; Or, An Appeal from the New to the Old Lawyers," Historical Journal, 11 (1968) opens the way towards an effective synthesis of Burke's ideas of History, Change and Prescription.
  • Magnus, Philip. Edmund Burke: A Life (1939), older biography
  • Marshall, P. J. The Impeachment of Warren Hastings (1965), the standard history of the trial and Burke's role
  • O'Gorman, Frank. Edmund Burke: Edmund Burke: His Political Philosophy (2004) 153pp online edition
  • Parkin, Charles. The Moral Basis of Burke's Political Thought (1956)
  • Pocock, J.G.A. "Burke and the Ancient Constitution", Historical Journal, 3 (1960), 125-43; shows Burke's debt to the Common Law tradition of the 17th century in JSTOR
  • Raeder, Linda C. "Edmund Burke: Old Whig." Political Science Reviewer 2006 35: 115-131. Issn: 0091-3715 Fulltext: Ebsco, argues Burke's ideas closely resemble those of conservative philosopher Friedrich August von Hayek (1899-1992).
  • Stanlis, Peter. Edmund Burke and the Natural Law (1958)
  • Whelan, Frederick G. Edmund Burke and India: Political Morality and Empire (1996)

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