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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Electromagnetic induction.
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  • Electricity [r]: The flow or presence of electric charge; the flow of electricity is an important carrier of energy. [e]
  • Electromagnetism [r]: Phenomena and theories regarding electricity and magnetism. [e]
  • Faraday's law (electromagnetism) [r]: States that a change in magnetic flux generates an electromotive force (EMF). [e]
  • Magnetic flux [r]: Is the total magnetic induction B integrated over a surface S. [e]
  • Magnetism [r]: Property of attracting iron. [e]
  • Michael Faraday [r]: (1791 – 1867) Was an English physicist and chemist whose best known work was on the closely connected phenomena of electricity and magnetism; his discoveries lead to the electrification of industrial societies. [e]
  • Wireless telegraphy [r]: The use of radio to send telegraphic messages rather than by long-distance transmission lines. [e]