Eli Mohar

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Eli Mohar (Hebrew: עֵלִי מוהר) (December 30, 1948 - November 30, 2006) was an Israeli songwriter and columnist. Mohar's reputation as a songwriter was based mainly on his longtime collaboration with the Israeli composer Yoni Rechter, some other members of the pop group Kaveret and singer Arik Einstein. Mohar held a weekly column in the weekly Ha'ir (THE City) called Me'anasa Beirenu (Of what transpired in our city) from 1984, in which he opined in his staple mix of humour and sentimentality balanced by a tinge of sarcasm about his great loves: The city of Tel Aviv, city life, the Hebrew language, Paris. In a separate mini-column with Ha'ir he unabashedly hailed his other great loves, the Manchester United and "Hapo'el Tel Aviv" football clubs.