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A list of key readings about Félix d'Hérelle.
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  • d'Hérelle, F. 1938. Le Phénomène de la Guérison dans les Maladies Infectieuses. Masson et cie, Paris. [French; The phenomenon of the Cure in the Infectious Diseases] OCLC 5784382
  • d'Hérelle, F. 1933. Le Bactériophage et ses Applications Thérapeutiques. Doin, Paris. [French; The Bacteriophage and its Therapeutic Applications] OCLC 14749145
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  • d'Hérelle, F. 1929. Études sur le Choléra. Impr. A. Serafini, Alexandrie. [French; Studies on Asiatic Cholera] OCLC 15864352
  • d'Hérelle, F. 1926. Le Bactériophage et son Comportement. Masson et Cie, Paris. [French; The Bacteriophage and its Behavior] OCLC 11981307
  • d'Hérelle, F., and G. H. Smith. 1926. The Bacteriophage and Its Behavior. The Williams &Wilkins Co., Baltimore. OCLC 2394374
  • d'Hérelle, F. 1924. Drie Voordrachten over het Verschijnsel der Bacteriophagie. J.B. Wolters, Groningen. [Dutch; Three presentations concerning the phenomenon of the bacteriophage] OCLC 17864544
  • d'Hérelle, F., and G. H. Smith. 1924. Immunity in Natural Infectious Disease. Williams & Wilkins Co., Baltimore. OCLC 586303
  • d'Hérelle, F. 1922. Der Bakteriophage und seine Bedeutung für die Immunität; nach einem erweiterten und verbesserten. F. Vieweg & Sohn, Braunschweig. [German; The Bacteriophage and its Meaning for Immunity: toward an extended and improved text of the author's translation] OCLC 36920828
  • d'Hérelle, F. 1922. The Bacteriophage: Its Role in Immunity. Williams and Wilkins Co./Waverly Press, Baltimore. OCLC 14789160, ASIN B000H6G02O, B000H6EK2G
  • d'Hérelle, F. 1921. Le Bactériophage: Son Rôle dans l'Immunité. Masson et cie, Paris. [French; The Bacteriophage: Its Role in Immunity] OCLC 14794182


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  • For more information about Félix d'Herelle, including excerpts from his unpublished autobiography, see: Häusler, T. (2006) Viruses vs. Superbugs, Macmillan. [1]