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   From:	Chris Reed <>
Subject:	RE: Copyrighted Image use for encyclopedia project	
   Date: 	04/30/2007 07:54 PM


You have permission to use the attached logo, as well as the following hi-res images linked below: mplex.jpg: Artist's conception of the first planned commercial space complex by Bigelow Aerospace. The complex includes the Sundancer module, planned for launch in 2010, docked with a propulsion bus and node to be launched in 2011. Connected to that backbone are two BA 330 modules, each of which are planned to have 330 cubic meters of workable space. BA is aiming to have the first complex completed by 2013. : To mark the opening of the Bigelow Aerospace ground station in Hawaii ground station, Genesis I snapped this photo that includes the big island of Hawaii in late January. In addition to leasing a ground station in Arlington, Va., Bigelow Aerospace operates stations in Alaska and Las Vegas, Nev., to communicate with Genesis I and future spacecraft. The Earth gets a golden hue in this sunrise image from Genesis I on March 20, 2007. : High above the Earth, Genesis I returns home an image of its starting point and the blackness of space. Genesis I is the first of a series of pathfinder spacecraft designed to test and verify systems designed for future manned modules to be used in a commercial space complex. Sister-ship Genesis II will launch sometime this Spring.

Our press kit may also be of help:

Thank you for considering us. Feel free to drop a line if you need additional information.

Chris Reed Publicist Bigelow Aerospace (702) 456-1606, ext. 260

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From: [1] Sent: Sunday, April 29, 2007 5:05 AM To: Subject: Copyrighted Image use for encyclopedia project

I am writing on behalf of Citizendium, a new wiki-based encyclopedia project founded by one of the co-founders of Wikipedia. The website is

On the Citizendium project, I am creating an articles on Aerospace companies. The articles are accessible from here - I feel that the article could be significantly improved with images such as a company logo and other important educational images you can provide, to illustrate your company on this site.

Citizendium does not currently allow images to be licensed under "fair use", and before uploading any images, I and Citizendium need explicit permission from the copyright holders (i.e. your company) to do so. Would it be possible for you to grant Citizendium permission to use your logo and other images you can provide?


Robert Winmill

Robert Winmill 07:20, 1 May 2007 (CDT)