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A list of key readings about Financial economics.
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Acharya, Viral and Richardson, Matthew (eds): Restoring Financial Stability: How To Repair a Failed System, John Wiley &Sons, 2009.

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Cassidy, John: How Markets Fail: The Logic of Economic Calamities, Allen Lane 2009.

Cooper, George: The Origin of Financial Crises, Harriman House, 2008

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Morris, Charles: Billion Dollar Meltdown, Perseus Books 2008

Patterson, Scott: The Qants: How a New Breed of Maths Whizzes Conquered Wall Street and Nearly Destroyed It", Crown Business, 2010

Rodrik, Dani Guns, Drugs, and Financial Markets Project Syndicate April 2008 [1]

Sorkin, Andrew: Too Big to Fail: Inside the Battle to Save Wall Street, Allen Lane 2009

Taleb, Nicholas: Fooled by Randomness, Random House 2004

Triana, Pablo: Lecturing Birds on Flying: Can Mathematical Theories Destroy the Financial System?, John Wiley, 2009

Wolf, Martin: Fixing Global Finance, Yale Unniversity Press, 2009