Galia Golan

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Galia Golan is professor in the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy of the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, where she specializes in issues related to globalization, international crises and current political issues. She came there from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where, as Darwin Professor of Soviet and East European Studies, she served as chair of the Department of Political Science, chair of the Lafer Center for Women’s Studies, and chair of the Mayrock Center for East European and Eurasian Studies. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Dr. Golan immigrated to Israel in 1966 and lived in Jerusalem until moving to Ra’anana in 1999.

She is in the leadership of the Meretz Party. Golan has served as a consultant to the Israel Defense Forces on the status of women and to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Soviet and post-Soviet affairs. She signed the initial letter of support for J Street from Israeli citizens, and is founder-leader of Bat Shalom, the Israeli component of the Jerusalem Link – an Israeli-Palestinian Women’s Joint Venture for Peace, founded in 1994.

Formerly on the Board of Directors of the Israel Museum, she is also a member of the Board of the Sharett Institute of Hadassah Hospital. A member of the government appointed public [Zameret] committee on religious-secular relations, she was appointed to the President’s Council on Religious-Secular Relations (Yahad). She is also on the board of Keshev, the Association for the Protection of Democracy in Israel. Dr. Golan was the recipient of the 1995 New Israel Fund Alice Shalvi Award for Women in Leadership and was awarded the Gleitsman Foundation Activist Prize in 1999. She has been a visiting scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy . She is an international fellow of the Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life of Brandeis University and has been a MacArthur Foundation and a Ford Foundation Fellow.

Gender issues

Professor Golan was one of the founders of the Israel Women’s Network and presently is on the executive of the Israel Association for Feminist Research and Gender Studies and of the Israel Association for Women’s Health. She is a member of the International Womens' Commission for a Just and Sustainable Palestinian-Israeli Peace.

In the Meretz blog, she was quoted as saying

War is always a gender thing - as the guys play with their machines and try to prove their masculinity. But this war especially is. My first response the day the war started in the north was that the Israeli reaction was a male pride thing. Coming just after the incursion and capture of the soldier at Karem Shalom, the Hizbollah turns around and captures two more Israeli soldiers on its front. Our guys went beserk - insulted, their manhood humilated. And then begins the insane escalation with the two boys, IDF and Hizbollah daring each other, you hit Beirut, I'll hit Haifa, and so it went.[1]


Professor Golan received her B.A. from Brandeis Univeristy, M.A (equivalent). from the Sorbonne, and her PhD. From the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.