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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Geospatial intelligence.
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  • Advanced Extremely High Frequency (satellite) [r]: A system of survivable, high-speed military communications satellites going into service, developed by the U.S. Air Force with British, Canadian and Dutch participation [e]
  • Airborne Common Sensor [r]: A manned U.S. Army battlefield signals intelligence and imaging radar aircraft, to use a business jet or turboprop airframe, which will replace the Airborne Reconnaissance Low and RC-12 GUARDRAIL aircraft, and complement unmanned aerial vehicle and other battlefield sensors. [e]
  • Gaza Strip [r]: 26-mile-long Middle Eastern coastal region long the Mediterranean Sea, bordering Egypt and Israel; population about 1.4 million Palestinian people, governed by Hamas since June 2007. [e]
  • Go-onto-location-in-space [r]: A weapons guidance paradigm in which the weapon guides itself to a specific set of geographic coordinates and activates its warhead, rather than sensing and tracking a target [e]
  • Imagery intelligence [r]: the practice of taking and interpreting visible and infrared light photographs and video, radar imagery, and other ways to form pictures of subjects of interest [e]
  • Intelligence analysis [r]: Techniques, independent of the subject matter, for correlating multiple kinds of information, hypothesizing meaning from the set of data available, and, with incomplete information, validating the hypotheses [e]
  • Intelligence collection ontology [r]: The use of information technology and knowledge management to help map intelligence requests to the best available collection techniques [e]
  • Measurement and signature intelligence [r]: A variety of intelligence gathering disciplines complementary to the technical "mainstream" of imagery intelligence and signals intelligence. [e]
  • Physical map [r]: Map which indicates location of landforms like deserts, mountains and plains, significant bodies of water, with country borders and major cities. [e]
  • Remote sensing [r]: The art and science of obtaining information about Earth (or, for that matter, other planets) features from measurements made at a distance, by instruments that detect reflected or transmitted energy in the electromagnetic spectrum [e]