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A list of key readings about Horizontal gene transfer.
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  • Focus on horizontal gene transfer Webfocus in Nature with free access review articles.
  • Smallpox knows how to make a mouse protein. How did smallpox learn that? The New Yorker July 12, 1999, p44-61. 'The poxviruses are promiscuous at capturing genes from their hosts,' Esposito said. 'It tells you that smallpox was once inside a mouse or some other small rodent'. (Open access)
  • Where Do All Those Genes Come From? This study resolves a long-standing paradox: how is it possible to deduce reliable evolutionary histories from gene sequences in bacteria despite extensive HGT? (Open access)
  • Woese C (2002) On the evolution of cells.Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 99:8742-7 PMID 12077305. This article shifts the emphasis in early phylogenic adaptation from vertical to horizontal gene transfer. (Open access)
  • Salzberg SL et al. (2001) Microbial genes in the human genome: lateral transfer or gene loss? Science 292:1903-6 PMID 11358996. This reports that one dramatic claim of HGT - in which a distinguished group of scientists claimed that bacteria transferred their DNA directly into the human lineage - was simply wrong. (Open access)
  • Jain R et al. Horizontal gene transfer among genomes: the complexity hypothesis. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 96:3801-6 PMID 10097118 (Open access)
  • Hall C et al. (2005) Contribution of horizontal gene transfer to the evolution of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Eukaryot Cell 4:1102-15 PMID 15947202 Convincing evidence of horizontal transfer of bacterial DNA into yeast. (Open access.)
  • Zhu J et al. (2000) The bases of crown gall tumorigenesis.J Bacteriol 182:3885-95 PMID 10869063 This article describes the biology of crown-gall bacterium, and the mechanism of DNA injection by this bacterium, and explains how genes can move between bacterial species and from bacteria to eukaryotic organisms, and illustrates the extent to which different species can co-evolve. (Open access)
  • Horizontal Gene Transfer Syvanen M, Kado CI (2002) 2nd edition, Academic Press ISBN 0-12-680126-6 A comprehensive treatise. Reviewed here by M-W Ho
  • Acquiring genomes: a theory of the origin of species. Margulis L and Sagan D (2002) Basic Books ISBN 0-465-04392-5. A book that looks at gene transfer from a different perspective to many conventional interpretations, but with an emphasis on microbial diversity. Reviewed here.
  • Richardson AO, Palmer, JD (2007) Horizontal gene transfer in plants. J Exp Bot 58:1–9 doi:10.1093/jxb/erl148 PMID 17030541
  • Gogarten JP Townsend JP (2005) Horizontal gene transfer, genome innovation and evolution. Nat Rev Microbiol 9:679-87 PMID 16138096. One article in a whole issue of the journal Nature Reviews Microbiology largely devoted to HGT.
  • Weinbauer MG, Rassoulzadegan F (2004) Are viruses driving microbial diversification and diversity? Envir Microbiol 6:1-11 PMID 14686936 Discussion of both the evolutionary and ecological activities of viruses in the ocean, a major source of HGT in nature.