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  • Nguyen Dynasty [r]: The last dynasty of Vietnam, which did involve several shifts of power, but is generally traced from the overthrow of the Le Dynasty in 1789, through French colonization in 1858, to Bao Dai, who finally left Vietnam in 1954. [e]
  • I Corps tactical zone [r]: The geographic command, under the Army of the Republic of Viet Nam, for the northernmost provinces of South Vietnam. It directly faced North Vietnam across the Demilitarized Zone, as well as having an important boundary with Laos. [e]
  • Tet Offensive [r]: A Communist offensive in the Vietnam War, possibly part of a larger strategy, in early 1968. The attackers suffered massive casualties and held no ground, but they achieved the turning of U.S. political opinion against continuing large-scale involvement in the war. [e]
  • Vietnamese Buddhism [r]: The political role of Buddhism in the Vietnam War and a comparison with other regional versions of Buddhism. [e]

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