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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Industrial Revolution.
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Parent topics

  • History [r]: Study of past human events based on evidence such as written documents. [e]
  • Economics [r]: The analysis of the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. [e]
  • Sociology [r]: Social science that studies human social behavior or social relations, social institutions and structures, demography, public opinion, social welfare, social psychology and some forms of political behavior, as well as the history of sociology. [e]
  • Modernization [r]: Add brief definition or description


Other related topics

  • Coal Mining: History [r]: After 1800 coal became the main energy source for the Industrial Revolution and evolved a history of its own. [e]
  • Railway History [r]: The story of the railways of the world from the early 19th century in Britain to the present day. [e]
  • Steel industry, history [r]: The story of development of one of the core technologies of the Industrial Revolution. [e]
  • Textile industry, history [r]: The story of the movement from handcraft production of cloth in every country to the industrial revolution in Britain, which featured the organization of cotton and wool yarn and cloth factories, and the subsequent spread of the industry to every country in the world. [e]