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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Inertial navigation.
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Parent topics

  • Navigation [r]: Techniques for determining one's own position, a feasible course to be taken to a desired new position, and journeying on that course [e]
  • Accelerometer [r]: Most commonly, a sensor used to measure acceleration in one reference axis; also an aircraft instrument that reports the instantaneous acceleration in the flight path [e]
  • Gyroscope [r]: Add brief definition or description


Inertial guidance

  • Precision-guided munition [r]: A powered or unpowered weapon that adjusts its flight path to hit a specific target, with a circular error probability in the low number of meters, often less than the radius of destruction [e]
  • Go-onto-location-in-space [r]: A weapons guidance paradigm in which the weapon guides itself to a specific set of geographic coordinates and activates its warhead, rather than sensing and tracking a target [e]

Primary guidance

Midcourse guidance

Manned platforms

Other related topics

  • Inertial propulsion [r]: The technological concept of a an engine that moves a spacecraft without using any external body to push from, and without jettisoning any of its parts. [e].