International of Anarchist Federations

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International of Anarchist Federations (IAF/IFA) (French: L'international des Federations Anarchistes) is an international organization, which unites anarchist federations from different regions of the world. It is based on the principle of federalism, that is all federations are equal and there is no central authority. IFA was founded during an international anarchist conference by the three existing European federations of France, Italy and Spain, as well as the Bulgarian federation in French exile, in Carrara in 1968. Other groups were also present in its formation, such as the now defunct London Federation of Anarchists who took part in the preparation for the conference in 1968[1]. According to Time magazine, before the first IAF conference in Carrara could begin, firemen were called to check the venue for bombs[2]. The Carrara congress was a response to a congress held in London from June to August 1958 which "recreated a certain dynamism and wish towards the organisational aspiration of international anarchism"[3] .

IAF keeps contact with other anarchist organizations, such as International Workers Association (IWA/AIT), international anarcho-syndicalist association. IAF consist of many different anarchist federations, which may unite on geographic or linguistic basis, and, according to their principles, every federation is autonomous in its development and agitation.


Aims of IAF are:

  • the abolition of all forms of authority whether economical, political, social, religious, cultural or sexual;
  • the construction of a free society, without classes or States or frontiers, founded on anarchist federalism and mutual aid.[4]

IAF activity is based on direct action, opposing any kind of parliamentarism and reformism, and encourages solidarity among member federations. Any anarchist federation may become member of IFA, provided that it does not violate practical or ethical commitments of IFA and regularly informs about its activity. The all-organizational decisions are made by consensus on congresses, which are held every three years. Administrative tasks, such as supporting international contacts, publishing official statements and holding congresses, are executed by Secretariat, which rotates among federations after every congress. Current Secretariat is based in FAI (Spain).


There are currently 9 member federations in IFA. IFA stresses, that they do not represent states, as the first issue of Anarkiista Debato (IFA's official magazine) explains:


Region Name Acronym Publications Site link
Argentina Argentine Libertarian Federation (Federacion Libertaria Argentina) FLA El Libertario[6] Website
Belarus Anarchist Federation of Belarus (Фэдэрацыі анархістаў Беларусі) ФАБ / FAB --- Website
Bulgaria Federation of Anarchists in Bulgaria(Федерация на анархистите в България) ФАБ / FAB --- Website
Czech Republic, Slovakia Czechoslovak Anarchist Federation (Československá anarchistická federácia) ČSAF A-kontra[7] Website
France, Belgium Anarchist Federation (Fédération Anarchiste) FA / FAF Le Monde libertaire[8] Website
Germany, German-speaking Switzerland Federation of German speaking Anarchists (Föderation Deutschsprachiger AnarchistInnen) FdA --- Website
Italy Italian Anarchist Federation (Federazione Anarchica Italiana) FAI Umanità Nova[9] Website
Spain,‎ Portugal* Iberian Anarchist Federation (Federación Anarquista Ibérica) FAI Tierra y Libertad[10] Website
Britain, Ireland Anarchist Federation AF / AFed Organise![11] and Resistance[12] Website

There are currently organisations in Venezuela,[13] as well as other groups (both formal and informal) and individuals around the world that the IAF is in contact, or holding discussions with.

  • Although the FAI is technically an Iberian organisation (in that it encompasses all the regions in the Iberian peninsula), it does not contain members in Portugal or Andorra.