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A hand-picked, annotated list of Web resources about J. B. S. Haldane.
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Biographical information

  • Includes excerpt from a Stephen Jay Gould book, Gould speaking of JBS's pluralistic synthesis of population genetics. Not just 'natural selection', as Gould interprets Haldane's writings. Gould's book: Stephen Jay Gould, The Structure of Evolutionary Theory. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Univ. Press, 2002. Haldane on pp. 514-515.

J.B.S. published works online

  • A paper read to the Heretics, Cambridge, on February 4th, 1923; transcribed: Cosma Rohilla Shalizi, 10 April 1993, Physicist Shalizi on Daedalus.
  • A typical-level of observation by J.B.S. Haldane: "Einstein, so far from deducing an new decalogue, has contented himself with deducing the consequences to space and time themselves of their ideality. These are mostly too small to be measurable, but some, such as the deflection of light by the sun's gravitational field, are susceptible of verification, and have been verified. The majority of scientific men are now being constrained by the evidence of these experiments to adopt a very extreme form of Kantian idealism. The Kantian Ding-an-sich is an eternal four-dimensional manifold, which we perceive as space and time, but what we regard as space and what as time is more or less fortuitous."
  • "Our present astronomical equations do not work for more than about 2,000 million years back. So the universe must have been created at about that date. We cannot yet predict rainstorms as accurately as eclipses. So it is legitimate to pray for rain, though superstitious to hang the crockery when the sun is eclipsed. But all these amusing details are negligible compared with the solid fact that centuries of science have produced no evidence for Divine intervention in the order of nature, or the existence of a soul detachable from the human body."
  • Human Biology and Politics, 1934
  • From, My Friend Mr. Leakey, 1934 (children’s story)
  • A Dialectical Account of Evolution, 1937
  • Reply to Lerner’s Is Professor Haldane’s Account of Evolution Dialectical?, 1938
  • Preface to Engels’ Dialectics of Nature, 1939
  • From The Marxist Philosophy and the Sciences, 1939
  • Lysenko and Genetics, 1940
  • Why I am a Materialist, 1940
  • The Laws of Nature, 1941
  • Auld Hornie, F.R.S., 1946 (a review of C.S. Lewis' science fiction trilogy)
  • What is Life?, 1949