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A list of key readings about Jeremy Bentham.
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Fragment on Government (1776). (Published anonymously, and only a small part of a "Commentary on the Commentaries", which remained unpublished until the twentieth century.)

Introduction to Principles of Morals and Legislation (printed for publication 1780, published 1789)

Defence of Usury (1787)

Panopticon (1787, 1791)

Emancipate your Colonies (1793)

Traité de Législation Civile et Penale (1802, edited by Étienne Dumont. 3 vols)

Punishments and Rewards (1811)

A Table of the Springs of Action (1815)

Parliamentary Reform Catechism (1817)

Church-of-Englandism (printed 1817, published 1818)

Elements of the Art of Packing (1821)

The Influence of Natural Religion upon the Temporal Happiness of Mankind (1822, written with George Grote and published under the pseudonym Philip Beauchamp)

Not Paul But Jesus (1823, published under the pseudonym Gamaliel Smith)

Book of Fallacies (1824)

A Treatise on Judicial Evidence (1825)