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The Jerusalem Post is Israel's largest-circulation print and online newspaper, founded in 1932 by Gershon Agron. It is now half-owned by Canadian CanWest and by an Israeli investor.

David Horovitz is Editor-in-Chief. In a 2005 question-and-answer chat , he was asked if the Post had an editorial policy, to which he answered,[1]"I want the Post to be an inclusive newspaper that provides accurate news reporting and a range of opinion pieces underpinned by a shared desire to ensure the well-being of Israel and the Jewish nation. Our editorial articles are designed to advance what seem us to be the most appropriate policies and positions to secure the goal of a stable, viable Israel and a thriving Jewish people worldwide.

"I think people are absurdly preoccupied with classifying the Left and the Right, and deriding and criticizing purported Leftists and Rightists on the basis of silly classifications. Is the prime minister, head of the rightwing Likud and champion of the leftist unilateral disengagement, a Leftist or a Rightist? Why does it matter so much? Isn’t what matters trying to ascertain whether his policies are essentially good for his people or not, likely to save or cost Israeli lives?

Caroline Glick, noted for hawkish views, had been deputy managing editor, but now is a columnist.

In contrast, Haaretz identifies itself as libral in outlook.


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