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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Landscape ecology.
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  • Biodiversity [r]: The study of the range of life forms in a given ecosystem. [e]
  • Biogeography [r]: The study of patterns of species distribution and the processes that result in such patterns. [e]
  • Ecosystem [r]: A space in which multiple biological species interact. [e]
  • Geographic information system [r]: Utility to handle spatial data that incorporates encoding, management, analysis and output. [e]
  • Geography [r]: Study of the surface of the Earth and the activities of humanity upon it. [e]
  • Metapopulation [r]: A group of spatially separated populations of the same species which interact at some level. [e]
  • Phage ecology [r]: Study of the interaction of bacteriophages with their environments. [e]
  • Remote sensing [r]: The art and science of obtaining information about Earth (or, for that matter, other planets) features from measurements made at a distance, by instruments that detect reflected or transmitted energy in the electromagnetic spectrum [e]