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A list of key readings about Leptotes (orchid).
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As Leptotes is a small genus, there is no book which exclusively discuss them. This genus is generally included as a chapter on books that talk about the subtribus Laeliinae. Furthermore, as five species have been described after 2002, most of the books and references are not really updated according to the latest circunscription of all known species.

The two large and latest publications that treat Leptotes as it is understood now are:

  • Genera Orchidacearum vol.4 Alec Pridgeon et al Ed. Oxford University Press, 2006. ISBN 9780198507123.
  • Icones Orchidacearum Brazilienses vol.2 by Vitorino P. Castro Neto São Paulo, March 2006. ISBN 8590149447

After the publication of those books Leptotes has been updated by:

  • Neodiversity vol.1 - Leptotes vellozicola by Cassio van den Berg et al, 2006. Published on internet.
  • Orchids South Africa vol.35 - Two new species of Leptotes (Orchidaceae) by Eric A. Christenson. Cape Town, 2004.

Besides all original species descriptions mentioned on article notes, some publications that extensively dealt with Leptotes in the past are:

  • K.F.P. von Martius Ed. Flora Brasiliensis vol.3 by Célestin Alfred Cogniaux, 1903. Published on Internet, in Latin.
  • Revista do Círculo Paulista de Orquidófilos vol.11 - Monografia do gênero Leptotes by Ferdinando J. Krackowizer. São Paulo, 1954.
  • The Cattleyas and Their Relatives, vol. 3, by Carl Leslie Withner. Timber Press, Oregon. 1990. ISBN 0881922692

Journal articles

  • Lindley, J. (1833), Leptotes bicolor, Edwards's Botanical Register, vol. 19, London: James Ridgway, at t.1625
Description of the type species of the orchid genus Leptotes.