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Liberty University is a private evangelical Christian co-educational college in Lynchburg, Virginia, founded in 1971 by American televangelist Jerry Falwell Sr.. It offers a wide range of undergraduate arts and science B.A. and B.S. majors both on-campus and via distance learning, as well as graduate programs. Since 2004, the university has also offered J.D. degrees from the School of Law. There is also an sports program with a number of NCAA Division I teams. The university is currently run by Jerry Falwell Jr. since the death of Jerry Falwell Sr.

Students at Liberty University must adhere to a code known as "The Liberty Way". This requires thrice-weekly attendance at convocation and chapel, conformity to a dress code (including a ban on 'counterculture' hair and dress styles, long hair for men, short skirts for women and many other restrictions), a ban on distribution of literature without approval, a ban on demonstrations, petitions, picketing and formation of unapproved student groups (one student attempted to set up a Democratic student group and was censured), a ban on movies that are R, NC-17 or X-rated, a ban on computer and video games that are A or RP-rated, that is "offensive (i.e., lewd lyrics, anti-Christian messages, etc.) to Liberty's Christian stand is not permitted", a ban on alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs (backed by a drug testing program), as well as numerous other rules[1].


  1. Documentation of these policies is no longer available on the University website - this blog post provides a mirror of it from 2007.