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Liverpool is a city in the north of England, which developed as a port in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. With a population of about 435,000, its inhabitants are colloquially known as 'Scousers' after a local type of stew; thanks to its history as a trading city, the Liverpudlian population is particularly diverse. The port declined after the Second World War and the dockland area has undergone a massive renovation programme since the 1980s. The famous Albert Dock is now a major tourist attraction.

In the 1960s, Liverpool became famous for popular music as the home city of The Beatles and other well-known performers. The city has long been widely associated with sport, especially football and horse racing. It is the home of both the Everton and Liverpool football clubs. Aintree Racecourse stages the Grand National every spring. Liverpool has emerged as a strong cultural centre, being co-recipient of the European Capital of Culture title in 2008.