Liz Truss

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Liz Truss in 2022.

Mary Elizabeth Truss (commonly Liz; her married name O'Leary is not used, at least in politics; born 26th July 1975) is a former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and leader of the Conservative Party. She has been the MP for South West Norfolk since 2010. She is the shortest-serving British Prime Minister in history, having held office for less than seven weeks in 2022.

Truss was the longest-serving senior politician of the current Government of the United Kingdom, having first entered the Cabinet in 2014 as the environment minister. She also became the first female Lord Chancellor in 2016. She was the British foreign minister from 2021 until 2022 and Minister for Women and Equalities from 2019 until 2022. Other roles have included deputising the UK finance minister as Chief Secretary to the Treasury and serving as Trade Secretary.