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London Calling was the overseas journal of the British Broadcasting Corporation's World Service. First printed as the BBC Empire Broadcasting, a weekly shortwave-radio program guide, until 23 September 1939 (142 issues), when it was relaunched as London Calling with an expanded article format, moving from twelve to sixteen pages. From 21 March 1963 onwards, it was published as a quarterly. Between July 1981 and October 1992, it was printed in a glossy monthly format before the BBC decided to cease publication due to budget constraints. Steve Weinman was the journal's final editor.

Throughout its published life, London Calling provided times and frequencies for the BBC's various language services, news and current affairs programs, alongside reviews and feature articles. It also reprinted letters from listeners to the service, and profiled service presenters. Correspondence with the journal was through the BBC's Bush House post office box address 76 in London.